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Real Politik's 2012 Endorsement: Four More Years for Barack Obama

Real Politik's 2012 Endorsement: Four More Years for Barack Obama
Few things have been as disappointing about Barack Obama’s first term as his bid for re-election. It has been thoroughly underwhelming to watch the candidate of Hope and Change embrace politics as blood sport. During the 2012 campaign, Mr. Obama has spent more time attacking Mr. Romney than laying out a vision for his second... Read more »

What the Tea Party Gets Right... and Wrong

The midterm election results have validated the Tea Party as a bona fide player in American politics. It’s certainly possible that we are witnessing the Tea Party’s finest hour and that the movement could fade from prominence as the economy recovers. Nevertheless, let’s give credit where credit is due – the Tea Party has already... Read more »

Election Coverage of Illinois' 9th Congressional District: Schakowsky vs. Pollak

The midterm elections are less than a week away. While the emergence of the Tea Party and lackluster economy have inspired everyone within reach of pen or microphone to predict the death of the Democratic party, the reality is that the House and Senate are both up for grabs. The race for Illinois’ 9th Congressional... Read more »

The Tea Party Rocks GOP Primaries

Last week was good for the Tea Party, but a potentially devastating one for the GOP. Two Tea Party candidates emerged victorious in primary races over their more moderate Republican colleges. Carl Paladino edged out Rick Lazio to become New York’s GOP gubernatorial candidate and, more significantly, Christine O’Donnell upset Mike Castle in the race... Read more »

The Real America: BP, Wall Street and the Upper 5%

The Republican Party likes to tout itself as representing “The Real America”. Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and the rest of the Tea Party crowd have raised hoards of money playing on the grievances of low-income, mostly white Americans that fit their definition of this group. Yet, a closer analysis of the GOP’s policies and priorities... Read more »

Joke's on the Tea Party

As Chris Cillizza reported in today’s Washington Post, data from a new Gallup poll suggests Tea Partiers are not the independent-minded, organic movement described by the mainstream media – rather, they are marching in lockstep with the Republican Party.  This might be good news for the GOP in the short term, but Tea Partiers are bound... Read more »