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The State of the Union... in Roscoe Village

As President Obama prepared to address the nation on Tuesday, Chicago residents from across the city poured into the Village Tap on Roscoe and Hoyne, one of Roscoe Village’s favorite watering holes, to attend the official Organizing for America (OFA) State of the Union viewing party.  President Obama’s State of the Union was well-received in... Read more »

Election Coverage of Illinois' 9th Congressional District: Schakowsky vs. Pollak

The midterm elections are less than a week away. While the emergence of the Tea Party and lackluster economy have inspired everyone within reach of pen or microphone to predict the death of the Democratic party, the reality is that the House and Senate are both up for grabs. The race for Illinois’ 9th Congressional... Read more »

My Debate with Donald Trump: Why Money is Different Than Speech

We are living through the first election season since the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling which overturned more than a century of precedent to lift all restrictions limiting corporate and union spending on political advertising.  The Roberts Court removed corporate and union spending limits on political advertising with this year’s Citizens United ruling The full ramifications... Read more »

Note to GOP: It's Not 1980 Anymore

“Lower taxes, less government”.  These four words have defined the conservative movement for a generation. The slogan is short, simple and easy-to-understand. It effectively resonates with the American ethos of entrepreneurialism and implied distrust of federal authority. The conservative movement’s standard-bearer – Ronald Reagan – was so successful at communicating this message that it has... Read more »

In Defense of Barack Obama

Today’s New York Times included an article by Nicholas Kulish referencing a Pew Research Poll showing that President Obama is more popular abroad than at home. I highly recommend checking out the poll but the Times article missed the mark by asserting that “Obama is struggling at home”. This narrative that “Barack Obama is in trouble” has spread like wildfire... Read more »