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Rahm's Sanctuary: Chicago's Sane Policy on Immigration

Rahm's Sanctuary: Chicago's Sane Policy on Immigration
As debates over Arizona-style immigration laws, spread to state and local legislatures across the country, Mayor Rahm Emanuel restated his vision for Chicago’s immigration policy. At a roundtable with reporters at City Hall last week, Mr. Emanuel repeated his goal of making Chicago the most immigrant-friendly city in the United States. The Mayor was joined... Read more »

The State of the Union... in Roscoe Village

As President Obama prepared to address the nation on Tuesday, Chicago residents from across the city poured into the Village Tap on Roscoe and Hoyne, one of Roscoe Village’s favorite watering holes, to attend the official Organizing for America (OFA) State of the Union viewing party.  President Obama’s State of the Union was well-received in... Read more »

Vote for Rahm and Move Chicago Forward

After two decades of rule under Chicago’s benevolent dictator, Mayor Richard M. Daley, democracy has returned to the city of Chicago. Unfortunately, our mayoral candidates have not lived up to the moment, with the exception of Rahm Emanuel. While Emanuel has not been forced to talk about policy as much as one would have hoped,... Read more »

Bad Handgun Arguments

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that Second Amendment protections on gun ownership apply to state and local governments. The 5-4 decision effectively rendered local handgun bans – like Chicago’s – unenforceable and sparked America’s quadrillionth national debate on handguns. There are two main arguments for handgun ownership and I do not agree with... Read more »