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The State of the Union... in Roscoe Village

As President Obama prepared to address the nation on Tuesday, Chicago residents from across the city poured into the Village Tap on Roscoe and Hoyne, one of Roscoe Village’s favorite watering holes, to attend the official Organizing for America (OFA) State of the Union viewing party.  President Obama’s State of the Union was well-received in... Read more »

Vote for Rahm and Move Chicago Forward

After two decades of rule under Chicago’s benevolent dictator, Mayor Richard M. Daley, democracy has returned to the city of Chicago. Unfortunately, our mayoral candidates have not lived up to the moment, with the exception of Rahm Emanuel. While Emanuel has not been forced to talk about policy as much as one would have hoped,... Read more »

What the Tea Party Gets Right... and Wrong

The midterm election results have validated the Tea Party as a bona fide player in American politics. It’s certainly possible that we are witnessing the Tea Party’s finest hour and that the movement could fade from prominence as the economy recovers. Nevertheless, let’s give credit where credit is due – the Tea Party has already... Read more »

Election Coverage of Illinois' 9th Congressional District: Schakowsky vs. Pollak

The midterm elections are less than a week away. While the emergence of the Tea Party and lackluster economy have inspired everyone within reach of pen or microphone to predict the death of the Democratic party, the reality is that the House and Senate are both up for grabs. The race for Illinois’ 9th Congressional... Read more »

The Tea Party Rocks GOP Primaries

Last week was good for the Tea Party, but a potentially devastating one for the GOP. Two Tea Party candidates emerged victorious in primary races over their more moderate Republican colleges. Carl Paladino edged out Rick Lazio to become New York’s GOP gubernatorial candidate and, more significantly, Christine O’Donnell upset Mike Castle in the race... Read more »

My Debate with Donald Trump: Why Money is Different Than Speech

We are living through the first election season since the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling which overturned more than a century of precedent to lift all restrictions limiting corporate and union spending on political advertising.  The Roberts Court removed corporate and union spending limits on political advertising with this year’s Citizens United ruling The full ramifications... Read more »

Rush Limbaugh or President Obama? Come on CNN...

Earlier this year I heard a newscast on CNN begin with this intro:  “Who’s more extreme? Rush Limbaugh or President Obama?”  Now, I don’t want to put too much stock in cable news segways… but really? Is that even a question? Exhibit A: Rush Limbaugh Millionaire shock jock who has made a career out of... Read more »

The Republicans Make Dangerous Noises on Immigration

Election years generally make for outrageous political posturing – especially during primary season. (Remember Joe Plumber?) Yet, even seasoned political commentators have been thoroughly surprised (and in my case disappointed) by the GOP’s latest statements on the Fourteenth Amendment.  GOP Senators McCain and Graham The Fourteenth Amendment contains the Citizenship Clause, which states that any person... Read more »

Newt Gingrich's Warped Vision for America

Newt Gingrich is at it again Newt Gingrich’s latest publicity stunt is his very public opposition to the proposed Cordoba House; a mosque planned to be built at Ground Zero – the site of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Mr. Gingrich says the mosque’s benefactors from the Cordoba Initiative are deceiving the American public... Read more »

Afghanistan: Take the Troops, Leave the Spooks

The United States is approaching its tenth year of the War in Afghanistan. Even before WikiLeaks released its extensive archive of behind-the-scenes documents chronicling a war gone awry, it was difficult to find a voice of optimism about the war, save the official communications of the Obama Administration.  The War in Afghanistan began as a... Read more »