About The Blogger

Real Politik is a rabid political junkie and serial news addict. He's got a fever and the only cure is political blogging. Thanks to a questionable decision by the ChicagoNow editorial staff, he has an opportunity to do just that.

First a bit of background about the blogger... Real Politik's career in communications has spanned the public and private sectors in the areas of journalism (remember those things called newspapers?), politics and public relations. After earning his degree in Political Science and Communications from the University of Oregon, he was awarded a Dunn Fellowship from the State of Illinois and served in the press office of embattled Illinois Governor, Rod R. Blagojevich (insert joke here).

Real Politik has spent the past six years in public relations helping individuals and business adapt to the revolutionary phenomena of digital media and the five-minute news cycle. He remains active in politics and launched this blog to offer political commentary on the day's top national and international news stories.

Feel free to post your comments and questions below Real Politik posts. Heckling is welcome.

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