Chris Christie: Stuck in Traffic

Chris Christie: Stuck in Traffic
Bumpy ride for Mr. Christie

Chris Christie's political scandal is shocking for so many different reasons.

Here are three that immediately come to mind:

1) How could Mr. Christie's staffers (or the governor himself) think that sabotaging city infrastructure and creating havok on the George Washington Bridge - one of the state's most heavily trafficked arteries - would be the best way to exact political revenge on Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich as payback for not endorsing Mr. Christie?

Memo to the Christie camp: The governor is the chief executive of the state of New Jersey. A crucial part of his job is ensuring that the state's transportation systems are in good shape. This attempt at political revenge was the equivalent of shooting your own soldiers.

2) How could the Christie camp be so miffed that Mayor Sokolich didn't endorse a politician from the opposite party? Real Politik is all about bipartisan cooperation, but is it that uncommon for democrats not to back republicans?

3) How did the Christie camp suddenly forget that the governor was a leading candidate for the president? Before Bridgegate, Mr. Christie routinely made presidential short lists for liberals and conservatives alike (including this columnist). Why risk squandering all that goodwill over a petty, bush-league political vendetta?

One last thought on the scandal.

Having worked in a political administration, Real Politik finds it extremely unlikely that Bridgegate was the result of staffers gone rogue. It seems beyond naive to believe that an action of this magnitude involving an agency like the Port Authority could have been carried out without a blessing from the top.

Only time and a federal probe will tell.

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  • No doubt Gov Doughy's visible or invisible hand played a role. What is ironic is that the biggest scandal of the day is not the IRS, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc., but about "Fat Boy Blocks Bridge". . The long knives are out to carve Christie into many thin filet strips, and just a few states away, in the magical Federal City, the top man who calls the White House home, laughs. And laughs. And laughs. Where is Obama dancing arm-in-arm with Gov Doughy? Where are Gov Doughy's pal Democrats? Were are Gov Doughy's fellow Elephant Republicans. Nowhere. We hear only crickets in the defense of Fat Boy.

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