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If the media really played fair wouldn’t they also state that Obama is half white? GOBAMA! 4 more years of moving in the right direction. That is music to my ears.

This is the first column that I have written that didn’t have a music slant to it but this election on November 6, 2012 will shape America for the next 50 years and I had to say something. I love President Obama and it is not because he is black. Funny thing about Obama being... Read more »

Television is now helping the unsigned artist with playing and listing music during the show. A novel idea.

After a needed two weeks off to help promote live music events we have returned to help get back to real music. A lot has happened since our last column. Prince has announced his residency at the United Center. Dwele’s new CD is picking up steam. The Pet Shop Boys dropped another CD, and Jax... Read more »

Nas Gives us the perfect CD. Tastemaker salutes Nasir Jones on, "Life Is Good"

Everyone reading this blog I want you to pause right now…….. Be very quiet….. Take a deep breath…… There has been a real hip-hop music release that has shaken the whack music scene to the core….. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED. THE REVOLUTION IS HERE… Because ladies and gentlemen I have been slapped in the... Read more »

Always and Forever. The DJ used to play a slow jam at the party. Please DJ's bring back the love.

Everyday, love me your own special way. Melt all my heart away with a smile. Remember when you were at the club and the DJ played a slow jam? I don’t care where you were, or who you were with, or how hard-core of a gangsta you were. If you grew up in the late... Read more »


Sometimes artists’ debut releases are so good that follow up CD’s never hold up to the initial release. In other instances the artists fans are so brainwashed that they purchase the CD’s just because they love the artists and not the new release. SWV return is complete and they have made a great R&B Album.... Read more »