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The top 10 2014 best in music releases!

  As I was writing this blog I saw that Joe Cocker has just died at the age of 70. You can read more about Joe Cocker here.   Music was and is the greatest equalizer when it comes to race relations and if you can sing it doesn’t matter what color you are because... Read more »

Rick Ross Mastermind could have been really good if...

Rick Ross has a new CD that is arriving in stores and digital download distributors tomorrow entitled, “Mastermind” This CD has me perplexed. I knew the CD was coming because I got about 4 phone calls last week with my friends telling me that I was I was on the Jimmy Fallon show performing with... Read more »

Thank you Kendrick Lamar... It is good for Hip Hop!

I am working on my Kendrick Lamar response. Don’t worry I got him… Hip Hop was in a frenzy this week as Kendrick Lamar did the unthinkable! He mentioned some current rappers names on track in a song. He didn’t say he hated them! He didn’t say he had sex with their wives/girlfriends! All he... Read more »

Jay-Z is like a fine wine; He gets better with Age…MCHG is Historic

I was hyped up for another release from the Hip Hop elder statesmen. Jay-Z is a “business” man, not a businessman. Jay-Z is backed by the greatest promotion machine in Hip-Hop and when it is his turn to bring the heat and release a new CD the whole world is anticipating. Naming your CD, “The... Read more »

Thank goodness for artists like Nicole Henry!

What is going on with the world and our musicians? Justin Bieber driving around bullying people with his car! Miguel karate kicking two white women at the same time! Kanye West walking into stop signs, Rick Ross won’t put his clothes on, Beyonce is pregnant every week, but only from Thursday to Sunday. Finally, Mariah... Read more »

MTV Hottest MC List? Aint Nobody Got Time For That!

  I was sitting with my daughter at breakfast arguing about who the best MC’s of all time were. She was listing people that I don’t even consider rappers. I was laughing, making fun of her and telling her that some of the rappers she listed were more likely to appear on the best of... Read more »

DJ FINK's BEST CD's of 2012... I wish you the best Urban Digital Content in the New Year. :)

DJ FINK…best CD’s of 2012 This isn’t my usual long diatribe of which music era is better than the next. This is flat out just my top 10 picks for 2012. Wow that year went by quick. I am still bumping New Tigalo, New Tigalo as CD of the year in 2011, but alas poor... Read more »

When 16 really aint enough! Can’t we all get along at the Hip Hop Award shows?

I am 43 years old now and I have adjusted the type of events that I attend because I have children. I don’t want to be that guy who is in the club when someone steps on the wrong persons shoes and I get punched in the face, slapped, spit on or worse shot. There... Read more »

Every Day I'm Hustlin...ROZAY.....

Uuhh…. Uuhh. It may be that I like Rick Ross because he is a big guy with swag. It may be because I miss Christopher Wallace and Heavy D so much that I was waiting for a big greasy brother, like myself, to take over the hip-hop scene. Every big brother gotta be able to... Read more »