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Please be a publicity stunt American Idol.

When I last wrote the blog I spoke of our need to help stop celebrity beefs whether it’s fighting at the BET Hip Hop Awards, fighting at the Source Music Awards or Bootney Farnsworth and Fortieth Street Black fighting at the new 5 Guys hamburger joint. (Oh my goodness oh my damn oh my goodness... Read more »

We have to find a way to keep music in all levels of the school systems. Unfortunately, that will still not fix the problem.

Whether it’s the XBOX or PlayStation, 900 channels on Television, or sitting on their I-pod or I-pad texting, kids are running out of creative ways to spend their time. We know they are not exercising or playing sports because the media let us know that 99.99% of all kids are obese. (If the media are... Read more »