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“12 Years A Slave”, answers questions that are never asked anymore!

I have never attended a movie where there were people in the audience openly crying. Those people weeping included my son and me. In one of the best portrayals of what it was really like to be a slave I can only beg you and yours to go and see this movie now. This is... Read more »

I have a son and he does look like Trayvon Martin.

I have a son and he does look like Trayvon Martin. Does the NRA want me to walk with a concealed weapon and shoot every time I am racially profiled? If that was the case I would have been in jail at 8 years old like every other black man. Let’s get down to business.... Read more »

I guess racism really does start at the dinner table. Paula Dean you had us at hello!

I really wanted to do a music column this week because there was a lot in music to talk about. Yezus dropped. (We will address next week) North West really dropped congrats to Kanye and Kim. FYI, I would have named her Wild, Wild, West or How the West… Jay-Z went all Samsung on a... Read more »

From the Middle Passage and Slavery to the Martin Luther King Holiday to President Obama's Inauguration

Everyday there are those that preach children don’t learn anything from the television or radio. We even had a presidential candidate state that if he were to win the presidency he would fire Big Bird and cancel public television. I can honestly state that the mediums had the greatest impact on my education. We all knew... Read more »


I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL We all agree that music makes you happy. It inspires you and can be mood changing. I have used music to soothe a bad break-up, spice up a dinner, and/or provide the backdrop of intimacy. Some people even say that music is a kind of religion. I used to laugh... Read more »