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R. Kelly. Black Panties. My man. A CD to grab your girl with!

There are some CD’s that need no promotion. Whether it is the title, the artist, the music, or the swag, this CD is all of the aforementioned descriptions and then some. R Kelly does it again and brings you the funky, sweaty, managed, grown-up, digital sexy MP3 content that will have the men thinking that... Read more »

Robert Glasper and Hiatus Kaiyote. 2 different sounds, one giant step for music.

As you know I think today’s music is whick, whick, whack! It’s like a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under after listening to all of this bull crap. I’m waiting, I’m waiting, for music that knocks me off my feet. Finally, there were two CD’s that were not just... Read more »

15 years after the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill the emptiness still exists.

I loved the FUGEES. As a matter of fact Lauryn Hill wasn’t even my favorite Fugee, neither was Wyclef Jean. Nope that honor went to John Forte. He was underrated. Yes I said it. The first CD he released was entitled, “Poly Sci”. If you haven’t heard that entire CD, and you are a true... Read more »

Artistry and individuality are essential for the rebirth resurrection and the rise of music.

Many moons ago I decided that I wanted to take the road less traveled and provide an outlet for unsigned and forgotten artists. I created ClubbinTV and spent every dollar I had, borrowed dollars from family and friends, sought out investors, won over sponsors and launched the managed bar, live performance engagement marketing events geared... Read more »

The best movie to music remembrance ratio. What the hell does FINK mean?

I love movies. I love movies almost as much as I love music. Sometimes a movie can be just ok, but, having a great soundtrack can raise your viewing experience of the movie and turn a thumbs down movie into a thumbs up movie.(Much love to Siskel and Ebert baby.) Also, there have been many... Read more »

R Kelly let it be known that R&B Music starts and finishes with, "WRITE ME BACK". There may be hope for music yet people.

Gotham City for the Ghetto… Gotham City for the Ghetto; Ghetto.. That used to be one of my favorite songs by Robert Kelly aka R Kelly. The remix to Gotham City with Strings on the track rapping for some reason gets me hyped. I’m bank-head bouncing right now as I type this blog out. There... Read more »