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Rest in Peace Big Bank Hank from the Sugar Hill Gang. A Hip Hop Veteran on Veterans Day

Today we lost THE PIONEER in the Hip Hop Game. “Big Bank Hank”, from the Sugar Hill Gang, died this morning at 2AM with what looks like complications from his long battle with cancer. TMZ broke the story earlier today which I am happy to see that TMZ is giving love to pioneers in the... Read more »

“12 Years A Slave”, answers questions that are never asked anymore!

I have never attended a movie where there were people in the audience openly crying. Those people weeping included my son and me. In one of the best portrayals of what it was really like to be a slave I can only beg you and yours to go and see this movie now. This is... Read more »

My Dad would have been 63 today. What OBAMACARE means to me!

My Dad’s birthday was today and he would have been 63 years old. Unfortunately his life ended early due to colon Cancer. As many of you know who follow this blog my mother has stage 3 Cancer. She is in the fight of her life with Cancer and the other issues that arise when you... Read more »

Mississippi abolishes slavery. Good news. Bad news it happened 11 days ago.

As I was watching television during BLACK HISTORY MONTH, let me restate that BLACK HISTORY MONTH, I was shocked to find out that the state of Mississippi finally abolished slavery on Feb 7, 2013. Until February 7 the state of Mississippi had never submitted the required documentation to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment, meaning it never... Read more »

The After Thanksgiving Thanks

There are many things that I am happy for during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. 1) My mother still being alive with Stage 3 cancer. 2) My Existing Children 3) My wife’s pregnancy and future Child. 4) The fact that this country allows me to have a television show and write a blog that... Read more »

If the media really played fair wouldn’t they also state that Obama is half white? GOBAMA! 4 more years of moving in the right direction. That is music to my ears.

This is the first column that I have written that didn’t have a music slant to it but this election on November 6, 2012 will shape America for the next 50 years and I had to say something. I love President Obama and it is not because he is black. Funny thing about Obama being... Read more »

Analog or Digital! The beginning or the ending of the vinyl disc jockey.

When you are djing and there is a skip in the record you can just move the needle. This has been my reasoning for continuing to use real vinyl records to rock the party. I always have the same recurring nightmare with digital djing. One day I am djing for President Obama and he and... Read more »