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I’ve lost that Lovie Feeling. Oh that Lovie Feeling. I’ve lost that Lovie Feeling..Now I’ts Gone oh Gone; Whoa Whoa Whoa.

You know every week I write about how music plays an important role in society and that all things with meaning in our lives, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Funerals and personal achievements use music as the backdrop of the events that are being celebrated. Well music also has a unique relation with sports and sporting events... Read more »

Television is now helping the unsigned artist with playing and listing music during the show. A novel idea.

After a needed two weeks off to help promote live music events we have returned to help get back to real music. A lot has happened since our last column. Prince has announced his residency at the United Center. Dwele’s new CD is picking up steam. The Pet Shop Boys dropped another CD, and Jax... Read more »

We have to find a way to keep music in all levels of the school systems. Unfortunately, that will still not fix the problem.

Whether it’s the XBOX or PlayStation, 900 channels on Television, or sitting on their I-pod or I-pad texting, kids are running out of creative ways to spend their time. We know they are not exercising or playing sports because the media let us know that 99.99% of all kids are obese. (If the media are... Read more »