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R. Kelly. Black Panties. My man. A CD to grab your girl with!

There are some CD’s that need no promotion. Whether it is the title, the artist, the music, or the swag, this CD is all of the aforementioned descriptions and then some. R Kelly does it again and brings you the funky, sweaty, managed, grown-up, digital sexy MP3 content that will have the men thinking that... Read more »

How much would you pay to see your favorite artist, dead or alive, if money was not the issue?

That is a question that was brought to my attention in the wake of, “the Artists currently known as PRINCE”, and his Chicago Residency at the United Center. First and foremost I LOVE ME SOME PRINCE. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker, regular or jazzed up version, is one of the most beautiful songs in the... Read more »