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The election is over and music is still horrible. My wife just scolded my daughter on singing along with one of the new Lil Wayne songs on the radio. You know what… she was right in doing so.

While we were driving from picking up some groceries from the local grocery store, (YOU KNOW I WAS HAPPY), my 15 year old daughter was singing along to a new Lil Wayne song entitled, “No Worries”. Oh did I happen to mention that my 4 year-old daughter was in the car? If you are a... Read more »

Nas Gives us the perfect CD. Tastemaker salutes Nasir Jones on, "Life Is Good"

Everyone reading this blog I want you to pause right now…….. Be very quiet….. Take a deep breath…… There has been a real hip-hop music release that has shaken the whack music scene to the core….. THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED. THE REVOLUTION IS HERE… Because ladies and gentlemen I have been slapped in the... Read more »