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R. Kelly. Black Panties. My man. A CD to grab your girl with!

There are some CD’s that need no promotion. Whether it is the title, the artist, the music, or the swag, this CD is all of the aforementioned descriptions and then some. R Kelly does it again and brings you the funky, sweaty, managed, grown-up, digital sexy MP3 content that will have the men thinking that... Read more »

"Donald Glover" aka "Troy Barnes" aka "Childish Gambino" aka, "The New Hollywood Triple Threat".

There is nothing childish about Donald Glover, aka Donald McKinley Glover one of the former writers on the show, “30 Rock”, or aka Troy Barnes the funny dude on the NBC comedy series, “Community”. Today however we will refer to Donald Glover as, “Childish Gambino” his unique rap alter ego. We love a hip-hop performer... Read more »