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Why cancelling the Arsenio Hall show is bad business!

I was saddened at hearing that the Arsenio Hall show was cancelled. Originally CBS brought out Jay Leno to tell America that the Arsenio Hall show was picked up for season 2. Then last week we find out that Arsenio was cancelled. Shame on you CBS! Did you need room for CSI Mars or NCIS... Read more »

You asked me if I liked Arsenio? About as much as the…

Arsenio is back! Judging by the Nielsen ratings he is back for good. Sure the first episode had some uncomfortable moments but for the most part, “Stella got her groove back”. Next weeks shows will be HOT FIRE! Don’t believe me just watch! Arsenio is in a great position. His first show, twenty-years ago, was... Read more »

The ROOTS. Americas House Band. From, "Do You Want More", to Jimmy Fallon on NBC. We aplaud you.

I first interviewed the legendary ROOTS crew on their CD release promotion through GEFFEN records in 1995 as the label provided ClubbinTV unlimited access to the band. My camera guy at the time was Kevin, “KAZ” Matthews and the show was literally a one camera, guerilla style recording. We would just walk into our interview... Read more »