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Ice Cube is the street CNN. He speaks for the unspoken and his latest single brings back the Growl Face. Thank you Ice Cube.

I must state that Ice Cube is my favorite hip-hop artist of all time. Many of today’s youth think of Ice Cube as the friendly movie guy who made films like, “Are We There Yet”, “21 Jump Street”, The Long Shots, Barbershop, Beautyshop and Friday. Long before he was making the masses of America laugh... Read more »

The best movie to music remembrance ratio. What the hell does FINK mean?

I love movies. I love movies almost as much as I love music. Sometimes a movie can be just ok, but, having a great soundtrack can raise your viewing experience of the movie and turn a thumbs down movie into a thumbs up movie.(Much love to Siskel and Ebert baby.) Also, there have been many... Read more »