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Apple Computers you can do better!

I had the original computer box you made! It was a smaller computer but was able to do word processing better than the model you based it on, (XEROX-we know the story). I used the global village modem that ran at an impressive 56K inside your Centris 650! I had the PowerMac 8500AV that allowed... Read more »

R.I.P Ralph Sprott. A great human being and my best friend. I Love You!

I remember moving from Manchester Knolls, away from my super best friend Patty McCree, and my life long friend Alan Turner, to 18th and Seymour to the first house my mom got in North Chicago. There were many kids around my age in the neighborhood and surrounding areas to befriend. JJ Thompson, Mark Beasley, Derrick... Read more »

Wrigley Field anniversary without Sammy Sosa? Ricketts please!

“THESE RICKETTS LOVE SOSA” In my Chief Keef voice! My current love may be DJing, but my first love will always be the Chicago Cubs. I grew up watching the Cubs. Rushing home after middle school to hear Jack Brickhouse, Milo Hamilton, Lou Boudreau, Steve Stone, and of course, Harry Caray. Harry Caray made it... Read more »

Tyto is a young woman with an Old Soul. She is also an artist you need to hear!

This week I wanted to do something different with the column that would be informative as well as interesting. I searched through all of the music I had been made aware of, whether physical or digital, and contacted the artist whose sound had me so intrigued I had to write about it. Yes, I mean... Read more »

R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles. Heaven is no longer, "Waiting On Its Angel"

R.I.P Frankie Knuckles. Heaven is no longer, “Waiting on its Angel” I heard the news last night and my heart was saddened. I also saw all of the Facebook dedications from other DJ’s. Major promoters as well as Television Stations, Newspapers and other big wigs in front of, and behind the music scene all posted... Read more »


It takes a lot for me to get excited. My wife giving me the kids are asleep look! A good slab of ribs! Jake killing the President’s Press Secretary on Scandal! And… Jack Bauer coming back to television on 24. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Before NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS Dubai, and so on, THERE WAS JACK BAUER!... Read more »

Rick Ross Mastermind could have been really good if...

Rick Ross has a new CD that is arriving in stores and digital download distributors tomorrow entitled, “Mastermind” This CD has me perplexed. I knew the CD was coming because I got about 4 phone calls last week with my friends telling me that I was I was on the Jimmy Fallon show performing with... Read more »

I had given up on R&B Music then I opened my mail and found …

Being a DJ and trying to put a weekly mix tape out of good music that your kids can listen to is becoming increasingly painful. I usually can start the mix off with one or two good new songs then I have to reach back into the old school crate if I want to mix... Read more »

Don’t blame Macklemore, Timberlake or Bieber. It’s the system that did this to you!

I understand how some of the music heads were angry at the results of the Grammy’s. The real Hip Hop heads weren’t mad because we don’t listen to the radio. Public Enemy told us a long time ago to, “TURN OFF THAT RADIO, TURN OFF THAT BULLSHI-”. So we did. I started this blog almost... Read more »

Holidays remind me of Chicago Deep House Traxx

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and found a great way to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The football games were great, the Polar Vortex gave us a breather, and my homies Ice Cube and Kevin Hart broke the box office record with the movie “Ride Along”. That movie was funny. “Pelican Bay... Read more »
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