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Music can be used to help Autistic children overcome their impaired social interaction and communication skills. Case in point my man, “50 TYSON”.

I first became aware of 50 TYSON about 2 years ago. He was the original viral video star. A humble kid from the twin cities who was a rapper that happened to also be autistic. Notice I did not say suffers from Autism. Watch one of his latest videos: 50 Tyson turned what many people... Read more »

Hard work pays off for Andy Roda and all other independent musicians. We need your push...

Another week has gone by and I am sitting in the office figuring out what this weeks topic is going to be. Just as I try and figure out how to fit Dwele or Jamiroquai into this blog, I receive an email with a music video attached. This email was from an artist that opened... Read more »