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Rick Ross Mastermind could have been really good if...

Rick Ross has a new CD that is arriving in stores and digital download distributors tomorrow entitled, “Mastermind” This CD has me perplexed. I knew the CD was coming because I got about 4 phone calls last week with my friends telling me that I was I was on the Jimmy Fallon show performing with... Read more »

“12 Years A Slave”, answers questions that are never asked anymore!

I have never attended a movie where there were people in the audience openly crying. Those people weeping included my son and me. In one of the best portrayals of what it was really like to be a slave I can only beg you and yours to go and see this movie now. This is... Read more »

It’s Black History Month. Do you know your Black History? You may be surprised to find out that Black History is American History.

Although it’s the shortest month of the year I as an African American man always welcome Black History Month. It was the time when in Catholic middle School I got to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. every single year. It was the time at work I would be questioned if I thought if OJ... Read more »