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Just because you can play a record does not make you a DJ!

You have all been there. At a club, a friends basement, a coffee shop, or in your car when you heard someone who thought they were a DJ playing something they should not have been playing. How many times can you play the Percolator, Single Ladies, or that Taylor Swift song at the same party?... Read more »

Jay-Z is like a fine wine; He gets better with Age…MCHG is Historic

I was hyped up for another release from the Hip Hop elder statesmen. Jay-Z is a “business” man, not a businessman. Jay-Z is backed by the greatest promotion machine in Hip-Hop and when it is his turn to bring the heat and release a new CD the whole world is anticipating. Naming your CD, “The... Read more »

You have to drive from New York to LA and the only CD you can have is a Jay-Z CD. Which Jay-Z CD is it?

A car manufacturer wants you to test out their new car. They want you to drive it from New York to Los Angeles. There is only one catch. They want you to drive the car with only one CD. No radio is installed. No USB Port for I-phones, I-pads or any other mp3 players. Finally... Read more »

Beyonce is not responsible for the blizzard, the economy or the Blackout!

Would everyone in the media stop blaming Beyonce for everything please!!! She told you No, No, No, No, No. The media keeps saying Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Over the last couple of weeks we have had Lip-Sync gate and Zero Dark Superbowl. People in the media have tried to portray Beyonce as the villain.... Read more »