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DJ FINK's BEST CD's of 2012... I wish you the best Urban Digital Content in the New Year. :)

DJ FINK…best CD’s of 2012 This isn’t my usual long diatribe of which music era is better than the next. This is flat out just my top 10 picks for 2012. Wow that year went by quick. I am still bumping New Tigalo, New Tigalo as CD of the year in 2011, but alas poor... Read more »

Django Unchained is a great movie that will change you as an African American Man. It is a must see for all.

I love Spike Lee to death. That being said Django Unchained is a great movie that all should see. It gives us a life like African American Superhero during Slavery. Maybe Quentin Tarantino and Spike Lee are friends and Quentin hired Spike to create a buzz about Django Unchained. Or maybe, just maybe, Spike Lee... Read more »

Tragedy in Connecticut... Why Mental Illness needs to also become a priority with the Obama Administration

Nothing should make anyone kill kids. Why Mental Illness needs to also become a priority with the Obama Administration. The tragedy in Connecticut was so bad it affected me in ways I could not verbally explain. I was angry. I argued with my wife. I argued with my terminally ill mother. I argued with anyone... Read more »

I’ve lost that Lovie Feeling. Oh that Lovie Feeling. I’ve lost that Lovie Feeling..Now I’ts Gone oh Gone; Whoa Whoa Whoa.

You know every week I write about how music plays an important role in society and that all things with meaning in our lives, Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations, Funerals and personal achievements use music as the backdrop of the events that are being celebrated. Well music also has a unique relation with sports and sporting events... Read more »


In the ongoing quest to find out what is missing in the rap game today I think I have stumbled on to a piece of the puzzle that has not been addressed. I believe that if the real beat-makers started making hot tracks like they did in the early 90’s today’s rappers would have to... Read more »

The After Thanksgiving Thanks

There are many things that I am happy for during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. 1) My mother still being alive with Stage 3 cancer. 2) My Existing Children 3) My wife’s pregnancy and future Child. 4) The fact that this country allows me to have a television show and write a blog that... Read more »

The election is over and music is still horrible. My wife just scolded my daughter on singing along with one of the new Lil Wayne songs on the radio. You know what… she was right in doing so.

While we were driving from picking up some groceries from the local grocery store, (YOU KNOW I WAS HAPPY), my 15 year old daughter was singing along to a new Lil Wayne song entitled, “No Worries”. Oh did I happen to mention that my 4 year-old daughter was in the car? If you are a... Read more »

If the media really played fair wouldn’t they also state that Obama is half white? GOBAMA! 4 more years of moving in the right direction. That is music to my ears.

This is the first column that I have written that didn’t have a music slant to it but this election on November 6, 2012 will shape America for the next 50 years and I had to say something. I love President Obama and it is not because he is black. Funny thing about Obama being... Read more »

Ice Cube is the street CNN. He speaks for the unspoken and his latest single brings back the Growl Face. Thank you Ice Cube.

I must state that Ice Cube is my favorite hip-hop artist of all time. Many of today’s youth think of Ice Cube as the friendly movie guy who made films like, “Are We There Yet”, “21 Jump Street”, The Long Shots, Barbershop, Beautyshop and Friday. Long before he was making the masses of America laugh... Read more »

Music can be used to help Autistic children overcome their impaired social interaction and communication skills. Case in point my man, “50 TYSON”.

I first became aware of 50 TYSON about 2 years ago. He was the original viral video star. A humble kid from the twin cities who was a rapper that happened to also be autistic. Notice I did not say suffers from Autism. Watch one of his latest videos: 50 Tyson turned what many people... Read more »