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Holidays remind me of Chicago Deep House Traxx

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and found a great way to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The football games were great, the Polar Vortex gave us a breather, and my homies Ice Cube and Kevin Hart broke the box office record with the movie “Ride Along”. That movie was funny. “Pelican Bay... Read more »

Analog or Digital! The beginning or the ending of the vinyl disc jockey.

When you are djing and there is a skip in the record you can just move the needle. This has been my reasoning for continuing to use real vinyl records to rock the party. I always have the same recurring nightmare with digital djing. One day I am djing for President Obama and he and... Read more »

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. The Best 10 DJ’s I have ever seen spin live and what I learned from them.

Humility. That is what it was going to take if I had to write an article of the best 10 DJ’s I have ever seen spin live. The reason I had to be humble is because I could not mention myself. Damn, Damn, Damn! Before I start talking about the best 10 DJ’s I have... Read more »

Chicago House Music. The best there ever was. Gotta Have House.

“Said you were my lady, and your love was true.” If you know that line from the song you are probably a club head from the late 80’s and early 90’s in the Chicago music scene. I am proud to have grown up not only a part of the Chicago club scene, but eventually becoming... Read more »