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We imported American Idol and X Factor! Why can’t we bring LUTHER to the USA?

I know that American Idol and the X Factor have been huge imports on American Television. As a matter of fact almost every game show airing in the USA has had some type of English precursor. It’s not just the game shows either. The comedian game from the U.K has also made its invasion in... Read more »

I guess racism really does start at the dinner table. Paula Dean you had us at hello!

I really wanted to do a music column this week because there was a lot in music to talk about. Yezus dropped. (We will address next week) North West really dropped congrats to Kanye and Kim. FYI, I would have named her Wild, Wild, West or How the West… Jay-Z went all Samsung on a... Read more »

It’s Black History Month. Do you know your Black History? You may be surprised to find out that Black History is American History.

Although it’s the shortest month of the year I as an African American man always welcome Black History Month. It was the time when in Catholic middle School I got to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. every single year. It was the time at work I would be questioned if I thought if OJ... Read more »

Tragedy in Connecticut... Why Mental Illness needs to also become a priority with the Obama Administration

Nothing should make anyone kill kids. Why Mental Illness needs to also become a priority with the Obama Administration. The tragedy in Connecticut was so bad it affected me in ways I could not verbally explain. I was angry. I argued with my wife. I argued with my terminally ill mother. I argued with anyone... Read more »

Dim All The Lights.. Donna Summer was the star of Disco and many other firsts. Rest In Peace.

Every week I want to write about fresh topics of the day and how we need to focus on returning to real music. Then, when I begin to write, something newsworthy provides the meat and direction of the story. Four weeks ago we lost Dick Clark. Two weeks ago we lost Adam “MCA” Yauch from... Read more »