Not my PRINCE...


This is tough. I let yesterday go by because if I were writing in my feelings I would have said things about Warner Brothers that may have gotten my blog removed.  There are many great interviews that have summed up the death of the icon, “Prince”. Check this interview of Van Jones on CNN.


There are many a great tribute performances that summed up what Prince’s life has meant to us all. Check out Fantasia’s performance last night.


As I make my triumphant return with my Chicago-Now blog this morning to express my feelings about Prince I had to speak on what Prince meant to me.


I met Prince in Chicago at a hole in the wall bar on the North Side that I can’t remember, as I set up to DJ an event that I can’t remember, while dating some girl I can’t remember, while eating some food that I can’t remember.


What I do remember is that feeling that I had immediately when I saw Prince. I remember that he had on one of those super too-dark shades, a brown leather vest, his hand was lotioned up to the tee, smelling like what you expect the garden of Eden to smell like. I remember he was the only one sitting at the bar drinking water. I remember I was shaking like I just had seen a ghost who came back to life and was standing right in front of me.


And that was just within the first 2 seconds of seeing him.


I remember staring at him like he was a slab of ribs from Hillary’s. I remember looking at him like I wanted to run over and ask, “Who is Dorothy Parker”? I remember wanting to say, “Shet up already…Damn”. I remember I wanted to ask him if he could sign my vinyl records, could he sign my jacket, could he sign my shoes, could he sign my newly fresh haircut on the fade side, could he call my mother, could he call my girlfriend, could he call me?


I remember when I got enough courage to go over to him how should I walk. Should I give him the Purple Reign walk to the motorcycle after he was going back to the house when his Dad and Mother were yelling? Should I walk over to him like he walked behind Appollonia when she was watching Morris Day perform on stage during Purple Reign? Should I even walk over to him at all?


I remember walking over to him like a nerd almost falling with my fat ankles tripping over each other. I remember getting cold and then getting hot and then…


I remember going over to Prince and saying, “What’s Up”… That’s it, “WHAT’S UP”.  I had my headphones on and he asked if I was a DJ? I said yes like I was getting married.


And that’s my only meeting ever with Prince. I have met many people from his tree. Morris Day etc. but there was only one PRINCE.


If you grew up during the time of Prince’s reign as a man you received the Mack Daddy blue print of how to talk to and court a woman. He let you know you have to be sweet, kind, hard, man-ly, soft, vulnerable, and all other things in between.


He gave us the soundtrack to life. I read somewhere yesterday that every song he made was either to take you to church or to have sex.


I will spend the rest of this weekend verifying that information.


My favorite album of Prince’s was, “Sign O’ the Times”. The reason this was my favorite is because it had the correct mix of why he was the artist of my generation.


Track listing:


Sign O’ the Times

Play in the Sunshine


The Ballad of Dorothy Parker


Starfish and Coffee

Slow Love

Hot Thing

Forever in My Life

U Got the Look

If I Was Your Girlfriend

Strange Relationship

I Could Never Take the Place of your Man

The Cross

It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night



Do yourself a favor and get this CD today. I promise you it has Hip Hop, R&B, Rock n Roll, Jazz, and even House Music as It’s Gonna Be a Beautiful Night goes hard.


Well that’s my prince article. I hope you understand what Prince meant to my soul.


One of my neighborhood buddies Derrick from Seymour Ave. in North Chicago put me way up on Prince by introducing me to the B-Sides and how to really listen and enjoy Prince’s musicianship.


Thank you Derrick, and thank you PRINCE…






Just my thoughts man..



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