I will miss me some Heidi Guyot(s)...


Sometimes you just have to acknowledge when a person comes into your life and makes a big difference. Many people never have an opportunity to tell a person how they feel about them until it is too late. Well I had the opportunity to tell my Mother In Law how I felt about her a month ago. We had a come to Jesus phone call and laid everything on the line. The conversation ended with both of us telling each other how much we meant to each other and that we loved each other. Heidi Guyot knew how I felt about her and told me how she appreciated knowing that I would do anything for her.

Unfortunately I did not realize that would be the last real deep conversation that I would have with her.

My Mother In Law, Heidi Guyot, passed on Saturday October 4, 2015.

She was a great Mother in Law who sacrificed everything in her life for her daughter.

She loved her some Tiffany.

She made huge sacrifices in her life for Tiffany. She also sacrificed her pride and her leadership role in her daughters life and handed that duty to me.

As in all relationships there will be trouble! Before I was married my soon to be wife and I got into a huge argument. We didn't talk for about two to three weeks.

It was my Mother in Law who was responsible for getting us back together then, and subsequently, every other time that my wife and I had any major arguments.

It was Heidi Guyot that would take me off of my high horse and let me know that I needed to look at things from my Wife’s perspective. It was Heidi Guyot that would even take my side against her daughter to let me know that her daughter was not always right.

It was Heidi Guyot that let me know what my role was now in the family no matter if I liked it or not.

Heidi was Heidi! I liked the fact that she lived her life the way she wanted to.

I thought that was kinda cool!

She loved motorcycles, cheese, her daughter, grandkids, and her immediate family.

Yes there would be fighting amongst family members, but you show me a family that did not fight and I will show you people who aren't real with each other.

Heidi Guyot taught me that!

She also taught me that she couldn’t drink Rumple Minze. She did the shimmy shake taking shots!

The things I used to love about Heidi Guyot was her never remembering her password to log on to her Mac OSX, her I-Tunes account, her smart phone, or any other thing you needed to have a password with.

She passed that on to her Grandson. Kaylyn you know that’s true!

She loved her Glide application on her phone. She would send you about 10 glides in a row. She sent me so many that I didn’t even know that there were new ones. One of the last Glides she sent me was of her telling me that I was one of the best things that happened to her family.

Well I have to call you a liar on that one Heidi Guyot.

If it wasn’t for you, I would not be married to your daughter and have 4 beautiful kids.

So Heidi Guyot(s), as I called you,


I miss knowing that I can’t yell this over the phone or in person to you again,


Rest well and tell my Dad, my best friend Ralph, your brother Simeon and all others who are in spirit with us that we are well and this will get better.

Just my thoughts.

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