Cub Fans, "It's Gonna Be Alright"


We lost! We got swept! We never had the lead!... It's all good. As a life long Cub fan whose favorite players are Shawon Dunston, Andre Dawson, and Thad Bosley, I believe the back office and the current coach have this under control.

This is a different Cubs organization!

Of course I wanted to go to the World Series but it wasn't our time. I can deal with that. 108 years of waiting, one more year won't matter.

The sting is not as bad as it used to be.

I remember locking myself in the room when Lee Smith gave up that home run!

I remember wanting to kidnap Will Clark and cut his arm off!

I remember wanting to sue the Gheri Curl company that had too much Gheri Curl juice on Leon Durham's glove hand.

And yes, I remember wanting to slap the ish out of Bartman!


I do not have those feelings right now.

I am mostly mad at all of my friends(Kerry, Stovall, and Chris) who continued to call me until 6am this morning just to gloat about my Cubs loosing. (That's OK your SUX better trade Chris Sale!!!!)

Other than that, the sting just feels like a Doritos chip stuck the top of my mouth.

That's about it!

I'm still on my diet!

I had no binge Cub loss eating!

I did not through my phone against the wall!

I did not pee in the Sux neighbors yard!

I am ok!.

We are ok!

Wait until next year; FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!

Just my thoughts man...

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