I Miss Ja Rule!


I miss you Ja Rule, and I apologize.

I thought good Hip Hop and R&B would be the norm in the future. I took Bad Boy, Murder Inc, So So Def, The Def Squad, as well as the Wu Tang Clan, NWA, BDP, Public Enemy and all the other 90’s Hip Hop and R&B groups for granted. I treated you guys like a dirty pair of socks that I would take off and leave under the couch. If I needed another pair of sox I would either go and buy some new ones, or wait till I moved and find the lot of them under the couch.

I let my friends tell me how I was soft for listening to Ja Rule.

Peer pressure can be a B—tch.

Your debut Album was Venni Vetti Vecci in 1999. It was hot. Although the single you pushed was, “Holla, Holla”, and your other smash was, “It’s Murder” we all got a glimpse of what was to come with your harmonizing rap style on your, “Suicide Freestyle”.

Then you dropped Rule 3:36 and all hell broke loose in the Urban Music Genre category.

Was it Rap? Was it R&B?

Thank God, it was Hip Hop!

But I couldn’t appreciate what you were doing. I didn’t understand your pool of genius.

“Put it On Me”, “Between Me and You”, and I Cry all on the same MF Album.

I thought that radio was running out of music to play!

I thought payola had taken over every radio station!

I thought you and Irv Gotti had the biggest payroll or were owed the biggest favors in music.

Everyone kept telling me stop sweating Ja Rule and his music because it was soft.

I was like how could it be soft with DMX and Jay-Z on tracks with him?

How could Ja be soft hanging around with Supreme?

Then I interviewed you at the Impact Music Festival for my TV show. It was a great interview. In that interview you talked about your success and the upcoming Murder Inc artists like Lil Mo, and the future superstar, Ashanti.

I still let the haters sway my judgment about you and your label.

My view of you changed years ago.


I miss you Ja Rule. We miss you Ja Rule.

Conan O’brien also was on to something.

I wish this was, “In the Year 2000”.

That way the masterpiece album, “Rule 3:36 would be forthcoming and I would still be listening to radio awaiting for the DJ’s to break records instead of me BREAKING RECORDS when I receive them in email!

Just my thoughts man…

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