While you all were looking at Bruce Jenner a.k.a CAITYLN, MATT LEGRAND rocked Chicago!


It felt good to get back on the grind and attend a star studded event in Chicago last night at the Vertigo Lounge. I must say the rooftop space is really nice. I felt like a baller! I tried to give my mean mug, Puff Daddy billion dollar grin. All that came out though was my, “Ooh, I’m in VIP here to interview an up and coming superstar”.

I have no poker face!

I was as hungry as the 20th Duggar Child(TOO EARLY?) For real, I was starving! I was trying to fit into my 3 year old black T-shirt and Jacket so I could look good on the camera and blend my 45 year old body with the 21-ish year old demographic.


I think I fit the crowd somewhat. Although the DJ didn’t have no Hall and Oates….

I have been working so hard in doors trying to re-invent my bidness that I forgot what it felt like to get out and shake my groove-thang with the industry folks in Chicago.

I saw them all! My cousin Lucky, Camera Man Corn, Mary Datcher, Rolling Out Magazine, national and local paparazzi! They were all in attendance for this dude named, “Matt Legrand”.

Many of you may not know who Matt Legrand is now, but after the release of his new single entitled, “Spring Break Girl” you will feel this brother.

Matt has all the ingredients to be the next smooth blue eyed soul star. He seems to have his head on right, is surrounded by the biggest names in the industry, and can SAAAANG!!

As an added bonus Mr Chicago himself, “TWISTA”, was there joining Matt on one of the forthcoming single releases.


FYI Twista has that fire out right now with Do or Die entitled, “WITHDRAWL” Get that now. If you love Twista and Do or Die you know what this EP has to offer.

Back on the rooftop it was a little chilly so I was getting ashy.


My vaseline was giving me the 30 minute countdown to full baking soda ashy so I had to get the interview with Matt and Twista real quick.

Matt did a smooth interview and sang Accapella for us while Twista was Twista.

Interviews forthcoming!

Over all had a great time and saw a future superstar in Matt Legrand.

As far as my hunger we went to Maxwell Street and got dem Polishes and Pok chop samwhiches.

Just my thoughts man!!!

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