Happy Mothers Day to my African Queen. I Love You Mom!


I learned at an early age that my mother was an amazingly strong woman!

I had convulsions when I was a youth so having weekly seizures or abnormal fevers was the norm. Since the ugly face of racism had a strong hold on society in general, and at the job place in particular, my mother had to be the Super-African Woman. Not only were there members of the other races placing unneeded pressures on my mother, most African Americans born in the United States thought they were better than my mother.

My mother worked two and sometimes three jobs to send me to Catholic School from K-8. She maintained those jobs just to keep us in the middle class category. While she had a good job at the local hospital, she would take on home caregiver jobs and cook and clean for Elderly people who sometimes called her nigger to her face while she changed their depend undergarments without a single frown. She never, ever, ever complained about what she had to do. She always told me that I would have to do the same when I had kids. She told me it was our duty!

At the time this was going on my Mother also sent money to help my Father bi-weekly while he was in College. First while he was at Undergraduate School at Wilberforce, then in Law School at Ohio State University. My father graduated #1 in all schools he ever attended whether it was Waukegan High School, Wilberforce or Ohio State. I believe to this day that my Father was the single most intelligent man I had ever known.

That statement also holds true because he married my mother, the smartest thing he had ever done. (I know you in Heaven agreeing with me Pop).

I was always told the story that in Waukegan High School my Dad walked up to my Mother and said to her that, “I guess I am supposed to marry you”. They got married 1 week after High School graduation.

Cancer took my Dad’s life March 14, 2002.

Cancer is trying to take my Mother’s life as we speak. Cancer beat my Father but I believe it has met his match with Victoria Morris. This is my 5th Mother’s Day that I got to see my mother since she has been diagnosed with Cancer as well as the 3rd Mother’s Day since being diagnosed with full-blown Alzheimer’s.

She is a tough Woman. An African Queen who was born in the land of original Woman.

Today is Mothers Day and I can’t think of a nicer, more humble, strong, caring, kinder, person or individual to call my Mother.

I love you Mom! I am grateful for the time God has given you to me on this earth! I am happy that you saw me get married, and have children. I am happy that my children know you. I am happy that sometimes you remember them.

You may also be suffering from full Alzheimer’s and may never fully get to comprehend the meaning of this letter but I know when I see your face light up when I visit you that you see your Son the way you want.

I used to crave other things in life that are now meaningless to me.

The only things that matter to me are family, friends, and being able to see my Mother every week.

Many people ask if I am mad that she doesn’t remember things like she did before.

All that matters is that I do!

Happy Mothers Day Mom, I will always love you and the things you have done to better this world.

All the Glory to God on this day for keeping you here for Mother’s Day.

Also prayers go out to those who have lost their mothers. I hope this blog gives you a good feeling inside and sparks memories of moments shared between you and your Mother.


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