The top 10 2014 best in music releases!



As I was writing this blog I saw that Joe Cocker has just died at the age of 70. You can read more about Joe Cocker here.   Music was and is the greatest equalizer when it comes to race relations and if you can sing it doesn't matter what color you are because you will be accepted in all neighborhoods. Joe Cocker was a great singer and I remember being a little kid  watching his body spasm and contort just to get out those soulful notes. This little blurb has nothing to do with my blog that I had already written below but I just had to pay my respects to Joe Cocker…...

Back to the top ten lists of 2014.

Yes this was a crazy year and there was a plethora of music released that caught my attention. Many music magazines and critics have released their end of year bests and, although I have not been paid to do this list, I felt I had to give you the best music of 2014 to me.

Thank God there was not a soundtrack to the Seth Rogan, James Franco movie, “The Interview”.


Just kidding. No seriously! Am I?

Life is too short man. We need more content, whether movies or music, to help us get through the everyday hustle and bustle. For real, for real!

If this were North Korea much of the music I have listed in my top 10 would not have even been released due to the subject matter, cursing, and offensive natured lyrics within the music.

Shiiiiiit this column that I am writing wouldn’t even be released.


This list is the best 10 CD music releases of 2014 to my ear. I have these songs in my music library and have included many of songs from these albums in mixes that I did this year preparing for the upcoming bi-costal syndicated mix-show that breaks out at the end of this year with my buddies DJ Scandalous, DJ Bake B Real, DJ Daniell Spencer, DJ Eric Bitoy, and DJAY CLAY!

By the way here is your Christmas present; a free House Music Mix download to help you get your workout on, listen to while shopping, or just pass the time as you read this blog.

Back to the Best of 2014 list. The previous best lists winners were

2011 Phonte’s, “Charity Starts At Home”.

2012 Nas, “Life Is Good”.

2013 Jay Z, “Magna-Carta Holy Grail:

Those were some pretty good CD releases from 2011-2013. This years list has a lot of pressure to try and match arguably those three previous years almost flawless CD releases.

Jay-Z may be the greatest rapper alive, except for Nas, and Phonte is THEEEEEEEEE most underrated singer/rapper out.

Will this list match those aforementioned winners? Only the shadow knows ☺

Everyone has a favorite music CD from this year and listed below are the ones that stuck out to me. ☺

10. Rick Ross                                          Mastermind
9. Haven                                                            Helium
8. Nehruviandoom                         Nehruviandoom
7. Prince                                         Art of Official Age
6. Childish Gambino                                         Kauai
5 D’Angelo and the Vanguard        Black Messiah
4. Common                                     Nobody’s Smiling
3. Ghostface Killah                                   36 Seasons
2. Pharrell                                                                 Girl
1 J.Cole                                  2014 Forest Hills Drive

J.Cole’s CD was so great that the best song that he wrote this year, “Be Free”, wasn’t even on the CD!

Don’t worry you can catch the J.Cole performance of, “Be Free”, on David Letterman here.

The performance was so good that David Letterman didn’t even want to let J.Cole’s hand go. So you know J.Cole threw down.

Just my thoughts man!!!

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