Why cancelling the Arsenio Hall show is bad business!


I was saddened at hearing that the Arsenio Hall show was cancelled. Originally CBS brought out Jay Leno to tell America that the Arsenio Hall show was picked up for season 2. Then last week we find out that Arsenio was cancelled.

Shame on you CBS! Did you need room for CSI Mars or NCIS Pluto?

Did you need the air time for the, “How I Met Your Sister Spinoff”?

Or did you need to bring back the Dinah Shore reunion show?

What CBS is telling us is that Arsenio didn’t meet the ratings and/or hold the demographic that they were looking for!


Arsenio’s demographic was us. Now we have no us to represent during the late night block of programming doing special shows in and for the community. If a living legend passed away, Arsenio would do a special show. When the Clippers owner made the racist statements Arsenio was on it like nobody else.

African Americans spend more time watching Television, Tweeting, Face-booking, and purchasing new products more than any other group.

Arsenio did reach his demographic.


Yes people I speak of the AFRICAN AMERICAN demographic. The demographic that fortune 500 companies utilize early to set trends then drop like a L.A. Clippers owner when they have gotten what they want.

Flashback to the late 80’s early 90’s when a fledgling new station called FOX wanted to compete with the big 3. Did they launch with Bonanza? Did they acquire and air FRIENDS? Did they even try and compete with NBC’s Thursday night must watch TV?


What they did do was go after the African American demographic! And guess what, IT WORKED!

Yes they started with the Simpsons and Married with Children. After realizing the African American demographic tuned in early they added, “In Living Color” and “Roc”. The African American viewership was so great that they then dared to challenge NBC on the coveted Thursday Night Must See TV block with “Martin”, “Living Single” and New York Undercover. And wouldn’t you know they were winners.

Television dollars rise as the demographic you are touting to the advertisers increase. Back in the day when you watched the Thursday or Sunday block of African American Television on Fox you saw ads and product placement by, SkyPager, Sony Walkman, Atari, Nintendo, Guess, Swatch, K-Swiss and all other influencer brands that wanted to capture the African American and Hip-Hop viewer. SkyPager didn’t buy ads on FRIENDS because they knew that Matthew Perry fans weren’t partying at the TUNNEL with their SkyPagers on. But African Americans were!

Back to Arsenio!

This new inception of Arsenio to me was even better than the original. It seemed like Arsenio had no one to answer to. He would have musical guests that you would not see on any other talk show like, “Chance the Rapper”, “The Internet”, and DJ QUIK. He would also feature actors that usually don’t have the opportunity to do the bigger talk shows like, “Bill Belamy”, “Tiffany Haddish”, and yes even, “Paul Mooney”. (PAUL MOONEY WAS CRAZY THOUGH)

It wasn’t the star power that had us watching Arsenio. It was the opportunity to see spoken word artists like, “Prentice Powell” perform poems like, “The System” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R04kzrpuDY4&feature=kp. Prentice came back on the Arsenio Hall show and performed the tear jerking, thought provoking poem, “Good Father”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B71p19_KuY&feature=kp

The message that Prentice drops in the poem, “Good Father”, would not even get cleared by the sensors on any other TV shows. You see Prentice spoke on an African American male raising his child and being hand strung by the government when dealing with divorce and separation.

Jimmy Fallon, Conan, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, et al are missing that local color.

There is only so much that the “ROOTS” can do for Jimmy Fallon!

It is with all of the aforementioned examples of why I tuned into the Arsenio Hall show. It also shows why I will miss Arsenio dearly.

I hope that Oprah, Sean Coombs, Magic Johnson, BET, or TV-ONE can learn from the CBS mistake and pick up the Arsenio Hall show.

Arsenio has with a built in audience and a demographic that needs their voice heard night after night.

Just my thoughts man…


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    Put Arsenio Hall back on TV. He is the best on late night TV

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    I have to say, the show did suck.

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    I have to admit, the show did suck. Not funny at all, and 70 percent of his guest no one cared about. And Arsenio needs to learn how to interview guest without trying to to sound like he's from the streets. The ugly dude is 58 years old trying to act like he's 19. It won't work.

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    Well said. We have to make our voice heard regarding topics that affect us. Arsenio reached out and was successful. I hope someone picks up his show.

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    I miss Arsenio. I hope one of the other networks picks him up. I liked the fact that he brought some Black conciousness to the screen which was probably part of the problem.

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    I was wondering how Arsenio Hall looks like nowadays and was shocked as how he looks a helluva lot like Godfrey Cambridge from 'Watermelon Man'. Is it a bad idea for AH to do a remake of this film?

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