R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles. Heaven is no longer, "Waiting On Its Angel"

R.I.P Frankie Knuckles. Heaven is no longer, “Waiting on its Angel”

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I heard the news last night and my heart was saddened. I also saw all of the Facebook dedications from other DJ’s.

Major promoters as well as Television Stations, Newspapers and other big wigs in front of, and behind the music scene all posted their respect and condolences.

I was taken back by Mike Dunn's emotional Facebook message as well as Farley, Steve Miggedy Maestro, Mark Fuller, Marshall Jefferson, Jesse De La Pena, Steve Silk Hurley and the other DJ's showing that the competition amongst DJ's in Chicago is just competition only.


I heard that as I rework this article, Pharris Thomas is putting in work on the radio. I also heard that V103 is doing a dedication at this moment.

Finally, I got the word online that Farley et al are "Going To Do A Huge Tribute To The Godfather Of House Frankie Knuckles At The 30 Years Of House Anniversary May 10th". www.30yearsofhouse.com

If you grew up in Chicago partying you pretty much went to a party DJ'd by the Godfather of House Music, "FRANKIE KNUCKLES".

Most of my favorite House Music Songs had a touch of Frankie Knuckles mixing in or creating the music himself. "Waiting on My Angel, It's A Cold World, Bad Boy, Your Love, The Whistle Song, Baby Wants To Ride, Let the Music Use You, La Vie, I could go on and on.


Frankie Knuckles was your favorite DJ’s, DJ.

Rolling stone did the greatest article on Frankie Knuckles so I will give them their due. If you would love to read about the Godfather of House Music please click the link below.


A blogger can admit when someone else has crafted a great piece of journalism so  hats off to Rolling Stone. Not only did they do Frankie Knuckles justice, they gave house music real love.

I woke up this morning, dropped my daughter to her bus stop, and turned on the DJ Equipment.

For those who did not know who Frankie Knuckles was, or for those who miss him as much as the DJ’s do, I will let his music speak for itself.

Here is my mix for you to download free that I dedicated to:



To build up on the Godfather of House's music library or to get any of Frankie Knuckles Music  you can do so at I-Tunes.  Here is the link


I-tunes is not paying me, nor did or do I make any money from giving out a free mix dedicated to the GODFATHER OF HOUSE MUSIC. I just want people to dance, sing, and most of all remember what Frankie Knuckles meant to House Music, Dance Music, and music in general.

Most of all I want people to remember what Frankie Knuckles meant to CHICAGO!

Give money for the prevention and cure of Diabetes. Donate today by clicking here:


Rest in Peace to the, "GODFATHER OF HOUSE MUSIC".

He was the smoothest DJ on the wheels. His remixes are legendary. My personal favorite remix that he did was, "Forever Came Today", by the Jackson 5.

"At last, at last, my forever came today". "When you walked into my life, made my lonely life a paradise". "It came today, my forever came today".

Frankie Knuckles you made our lonely lives a paradise.



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