It takes a lot for me to get excited. My wife giving me the kids are asleep look! A good slab of ribs! Jake killing the President’s Press Secretary on Scandal! And… Jack Bauer coming back to television on 24.


Before NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS Dubai, and so on, THERE WAS JACK BAUER!

Upload to my PDA turned into a drinking game for all of us loyal 24’ers. 24 was the only real serial show that if you missed an hour, you literally missed a day. I used to love when the clock actually matched up with the time you were watching 24. You would get mad when Jack would have someone tied up and there would only be 7 minutes left after the commercial break. You’d be like, “Kill him now Jack otherwise I have to wait until next week”.

I saw the first trailer before the Super bowl because I am a nerd like that. The second real trailer I saw about a week ago. My spider sense is tingling as anticipation of the first ticking clock is at an all time high.

Is Tony really dead? Will President Logan somehow find his way back on to the show? Did Wayne Palmer really die? Will Jack now tell Chloe Obrien to now Snap Chat me the image? Chloe, can you Instagram me a photo? Chloe does he have a Facebook?

Technology will change the way Jack and Chloe interact that’s for sure!

The best thing I’m waiting for is the time Jack has the bad guy tied to a chair and the criminal won’t co-operate and answer Jack’s questions. In the old days Jack would first shoot you in the leg, go get a drink of water, then come back and stick his finger in the hole.

But times have changed and Jack can’t interrogate like that anymore. Will Jack tie the criminal up and play him some Justin Beiber? Will he make him watch NCIS Dayton? Will he make him have his IPHONE headphones on and create static so that it can shock him in his ear to death?

Oh the possibilities of the creative pain Jack Bauer will inflict on the new batch of Criminals is endless.

I know one thing is for sure, Jack Bauer will find the missing Malaysian Plane.

All jokes aside I give the FOX Broadcast TV Channel (had to be specific Hannity) credit for allowing the viewers to open their minds to conspiracy theories.

Mulder and Scully started it and Jack Bauer will now finish the chapter.

I love searching for the oh-oh moments! That brings me to another conspiracy theory type of cinema. I just became aware of a movie entitled, Mirage Men.


If you are scared of the government you can stop reading this blog now!

The movies tag line is, “How the Government created a myth that took over the World”.


If you believe in UFO’s, Aliens et al, this is the movie for you to see. It will answer all of your questions, good and bad.

It will get your juices bubbling and have you looking at everyone sideways. Here is a link to the movies website.

The movie comes out March 27.

Finally, I am just a fan of 24! I have not been paid to mention any of this. I just want to get my Jack Bauer bandwagon people ready for the return of the original G.

Just my thoughts man…

Upload this blog to your PDA!

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