Prob Da Pk…One of the great ones has left us too early.


No funny article or music/movie review from DJ FINK today. Just my respect and condolences to a friend!

When you saw Gary of the Swagg Official fame you knew he was either going to have a Microphone, a Camera, or a Cigar in his hands. Gary was a very hard worker who everyone knew in the Chicagoland area if they were into music, television or film.

He cared about his friends, and he cared about the kids.

He also could fade you up if you needed it!

Take some time out today if you knew him and stop by his Facebook page.


I first met Prob Da Pk as he was affectionately called during one of the tapings of our television show a couple of years ago. He emailed me and asked if he could bring his camera and his crew along to interview either Bone Thugz N Harmony or Ice Cube; I can’t remember which show it was.

Gary was a very professional brother who never took advantage of the situation and always showed respect whether you were a famous celebrity or a regular Joe like me.

I always thought we would have the opportunity to do something together combining shows for one episode as we did with the Ice Cube event.

The world has a way of speeding up plans.

I miss you brother. Prayers go out to your family and friends during this time.

God always has a plan.

He just needed another angel to help film the greatest movie ever made.

I am glad I had the opportunity to know you, work with you, and share a laugh.


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