I had given up on R&B Music then I opened my mail and found …


Being a DJ and trying to put a weekly mix tape out of good music that your kids can listen to is becoming increasingly painful. I usually can start the mix off with one or two good new songs then I have to reach back into the old school crate if I want to mix in some good R&B.

You know what I’m talking about. Today’s R&B features too much talk singing instead of straight up bloooowing. I miss the Debarges’, Luther, Rick James, Michael, Prince, Lionel, James Brown, hell I would even take some Johnny Kemp. (Just got paid, Friday Night, Parties Jumpin…)


Writing this column, having the television show, and doing parties have allowed me to make many connections. These connections have allowed me to get free music in the mail over the last 20 or so years. Shout out to J-Bird, Jello, Chris, and Chrewd Promotions back in the day along with all of the radio, record labels and retail stores that used to send me weekly promo singles, full length Cd’s, and vinyl. (That means you George Daniels.)

Those were the days when you would go and get record servicing and end up kicking it with Black Rob, Kanye West, The Liks, Sporty Thieves, and underground Hip Hop artists that became huge stars.

It wasn’t just Hip Hop that made the music of the 90’s better than today. It was the R&B mixture with Rap that kept DJ’s like me a float banging the mix tapes and the clubs.

Faith Evans, Brandy, Mary J Blige, Monica, and others made music that you could play at a straight up Hip Hop party and still have everyone from Bourgeoisie females to gangsta thugs and smutherlugz putting their hands in the air and screaming, “That’s my song.”

In a nutshell that is the type of R&B that Dj’s are missing today. We are missing the go to R&B song or R&B/Rap combination that can keep the party moving. Example- (Meth and Mary), (Nas and Lauryn Hill), (Brandy, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Yo-Yo)

Of course I have a couple of my go to R&B/Rap/Soul favorites but how many times can I regurgitate Dwele, Erykah Badu, Georgia Ann Muldrow, Goapele, Gregory Porter, Jamiroquai, and Lauryn Hill, until I run out of not playing the same song over and over?

That was my Catch-22 until I received a package from big Myron Ruffin. He hooked me up with a package from a company called, “Top Notch Promotions and Marketing”.


I forgot what it sounded like to have great sounding music accompanied by real singing. They sent me new releases by John Michael, L.Young, and Noel Gourdin.


It’s one thing to put out 1 good R&B CD but to release 3 is cra cra! (trying to sound hip for you guys)

I love them all but I think that John Michael will be a superstar if given the chance to have his music reach everyone. Very well put together CD my brother.

L.Young will get people in trouble because babies will be made off of this CD. Thank God my wife got them tubes tied!


And what can I say about Noel Gourdin? An advanced demonstration of what music is supposed to sound like. Get this CD and put it on while you unwind. It will do the job.

Here is a link to the Top Notch promotions website. http://www.topnotchpromo.com Check it out and get some music. You will also see Kenny” The Jet” Smith on the site along with his daughter and her new single that is blowing up the charts.

It’s not just music I am receiving in the mail now either!

I will also be promoting good movies and television shows as I receive them as well. I just got in Lionsgate DVD releases for children including, “The Care Bears Care-A-thon Games”, “Wings”, and ,“The Little Penguin Pororos Racing Adventure”.

I also received the Cinedigm releases, “Afternoon Delight”, and the Jean Claude Van Damme, “Welcome to the Jungle” screener.

I will be reviewing all of these DVD’s, Movies, and CD’s weekly to go along with my normal, “Let’s Get Back To Real Music” column.

I have not been paid to write this column! I am just doing what a DJ/journalist is supposed to do: Promote good music and movies when they are released!

Just my thoughts man… And they will help you make good decisions in purchasing music, movies, and television shows.

Enjoy and let entertainment become the release from your stressful days.

Here is a little snippet mix I put together from a forthcoming mix tape of good R&B and Hip Hop music. P.S. There will be no disrespecting women or promoting drug use on this CD. Just good old fashion music that you and the kids can listen to. Take a listen to the goodness.




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  • Hey! Thanks for these suggestions I will be checking these out immediately. I personally hear where you are coming from about R&B music but have faith there are many artists to come in that genre from Chicago. I would love to send you some of my suggestions too! How can I email you directly?

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