“12 Years A Slave”, answers questions that are never asked anymore!


I have never attended a movie where there were people in the audience openly crying. Those people weeping included my son and me.

In one of the best portrayals of what it was really like to be a slave I can only beg you and yours to go and see this movie now. This is the type of movie I wish was shown during Black History Month when I was in school. Yes, I understand that Martin Luther King and Fredrick Douglas deserved to be mentioned, but I believe our communities would not have the self-inflicted violence against each other if we put the face of real hate on the big screen.

Gangs of young black men are killing younger black men over, streets that they do not own, drugs that they did not bring into this country, and guns that they did not manufacture.

12 Years A Slave shows how Slavery wrote the playbook that has been followed for 394 years and has provided the polish and shine on the institutionalized racism of today.

The tearing apart of the African American families by removing the father, the use of the bible to keep a race happy and awaiting for a savior instead of preaching self determination, and the need to prove to the master that one worker is better than the other to gain favor or acceptance are methods still in place today.

How can people expect the African American community as a whole not to be angry? We were killed for knowing how to read! We were beaten for not taking on the masters’ surname! Our women were raped by the master and ordered killed by the masters’ wife! Our children were separated from their families and sold into slavery by men who did it just to ensure free labor for their families!

Furthermore the slave owners profited from the free labor and the death of the slaves. Insurance companies, that still exist today, allowed the slave owners to put insurance policies on each slave. Once the slave was of no use to the master, the master could kill the slave and collect on the insurance.

The African American population in America would outnumber all races in this country by 2-1 if there were not thirty to eighty million dead, water eroded slave bones stuck to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

And till this day there are people who are mad that African Americans mention reparations. When slavery ended we were promised forty acres and a mule. We were taught that Union General William T. Sherman's Special Field Order No. 15, issued on Jan. 16, 1865 mentions the 40 acres. If 40 acres and a mule were carried out it would have been an early apology to African Americans for slavery.

Instead African Americans just received the apology for Slavery from the United States Senate on June 18, 2009. Most accounts state that Slavery started in the United States in 1619. It took the government 390 years to apologize…

The masters wiped out the entire Native American population. Only a few tribes exist to this day. They did receive some of their land back, make a profit from casinos, and have exemptions from the constitution for the atrocities that they suffered.

That will never be enough!

I went to see 12 Years A Slave with my son because this is something that he needed to see. Yes our children have heard about Slavery! Yes our children have seen movies that portrayed Slavery! This movie made my son feel like what is was to be a slave. In one of the many whipping scenes my son turned away while he was crying. I did not know this until he told me in the car. I wish I saw him do this. I would have told him to continue watching.


He has come home many a day from school, where he is getting straight A’s, frustrated because he heard white classmates calling each other Nigga’s. When he confronted them they told him, they are using it to say to themselves.

This movie changed the way he will allow anyone, black or white, to say that word!

I know that Slavery still exists in many countries across the world. I can only speak to the way that my ancestors were treated as well as how some of my African Americans are treated today.

That includes President Obama.

Yes we have an African American President and if you haven’t noticed he has been treated as such. Disrespected by all, he continues to keep calm and maintain a level head. Yet, as the current President of the United States, Obama still has to prove to the master that he is a better worker than the others to gain favor or acceptance of the master.

It reminds me of a joke I just heard last night.

When does an African American become a Nigger!

When he leaves the room!

Just my thoughts man…


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    Excellent article. Please also note that this is also the true story of the good folks that were also under the Fascist thumb of the pro-slavers. The secret underground railroad, abolitionists worked in secret to free slaves, kept secret because "they" would be killed for helping slaves to freedom. Mostly still kept secret . Time for all people to know. This family lived in the Albany, NY area, where the underground railroad worked very hard & took great risks, for humanity, helping slaves to freedom. Soloman Northup's father was freed by an abolitionist & Soloman was rescued by this man , who when he found out what happened, from the carpenter & where he was located got the NY State Governor's protection to go get him & bring him home. God Bless all good people, who do good.

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