Thank you Kendrick Lamar... It is good for Hip Hop!


I am working on my Kendrick Lamar response. Don’t worry I got him…

Hip Hop was in a frenzy this week as Kendrick Lamar did the unthinkable! He mentioned some current rappers names on track in a song. He didn’t say he hated them! He didn’t say he had sex with their wives/girlfriends! All he did was mention that he wanted to murder them with his verses and wanted the consumers to remember that he was new King of hip hop. Oh yeah, he also said he was the King of New York.

Good for you Kendrick!

As Chris Tucker said in the movie Jackie Brown when Samuel L. Jackson asked him to get in the trunk of the car, Kendrick, “you caught a N_ _ _A off guard”, with this ish!

I applaud you Kendrick!

Hip Hop needed a break from the, “ I got more hoes than you”, “I sell more drugs than you”, “I pop more molly’s than you”, “I killed more thugz than you”, type of lyrics that continue to flood radios mainstream by the same 5 rappers.

I bet the rappers that Kendrick mentioned, J. Cole et all, were just driving down the street when they heard this track and were like, ok, ok, you got me. They probably were a little upset at first, but then, realized that this was an amazing opportunity to get back on track with some real rap and battle lyrics. Hell back to some real Hip Hop battle ish.

Give us some, “Kick in the door waving the 44”, lyrics. Give us some, “Beef is when your mom’s aint safe up in the street”, lyrics. I’m looking for some, “Jack The Ripper”, “How You Like Me Now”, “The Bridge is Over”, “The Bitch In You”, “100 Miles and Runnin,”, “No Vaseline”, “Takeover”, “Either”, or any Emenim vs Benzino or Emenim vs Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey, or hell any Emenim battle verses anyone type step up to the game response.

I will state that I am only looking for the new cats to. I don’t want Common, Talib, Yasiin Bey(Mos Def), Emenim, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Chuck D, LL Cool J, KRS-One, Jay Z, Nas or any of the greats to add Kendrick to their list of destroyed rappers. It would not be fair. I don’t care what you think about the success of Kendrick Lamar. He is no ICE CUBE or up to any of the veterans flow yet.


I do want Trinadad James, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Rick Ross, and all the other rappers who are getting all the major radio play to adjust their lyrics for the next month or two and put that fire back into their lyrics. Lyrics that I am sure were there at the beginning of their sojourn into Hip Hop.

If that starts to happen there would be a million DJ’s,(including this author), who would regain that drive to make meaningful mixtapes again. Mixtapes that would include battle record after battle record, back to back, like when we first started Djing. You know like UTFO against the Real Roxxanne, Roxxanne Shante against Roxxanne’s Grandmother. Biggie against Pac. Pac against Mobb Deep.

The last two real good battle records that had me hyped up were, “Black Friday”, which was Lil Kim’s response to Nicki Minaj and,
“The Warning” which was the ridiculous response to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.

The lyric battle was and will always be the real street mixtape. As long as the rappers keep it in the studio this is about to be a fun time in the music game. I hope radio accepts the records and get the battle records on the airwaves.

Let the games begin.

Actually, Kendrick has rappers coming out of the woodworks already with responses. Here are a few for you to listen to and check if their responses match the intensity that Kendrick’s verse had.

Joell Ortiz -

B.o.B. -

Cassidy -

TMZ has Diddy’s response.

Even Kevin Hart has a response!

And those are just a couple of the responses. They are coming in by the hour.

Thank you Kendrick Lamar. FYI, My daughter thinks you are the best rapper out.

I disagree, but that is what Hip Hop is all about.

Just my thoughts man…

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