The Best Male and Female rappers in hip hop of all times.


DJ FINK has TURNED UP his top Male/Female rappers list of all times.

Ok I used the term, “Turned Up” because I had to sound like I was as hip as the B.E.T awards show and the current rappers of the day. I don’t even know what “Turned Up” is! That being said, I wanted to light up your 4th of July weekend with a cool DJ FINK digital mix-tape and my list of the best rappers of all times.

The summer is in session and thousands of teens are stopped at stop signs across the country banging today’s rap music.

Just the other day I saw this brother with his speakers, “Turned Up”, playing some song that sounded like the rapper had hiccups. The dude at the stop sign then looked at me like I was 60 years old. He gave me the, ‘‘What are you listening to?’’ Grandpa look.

It didn’t make matters any better that I was listening to a love song, “Turned Up”. In fact I was listening to, Musiq Soulchild’s, “Love” and at that moment I did feel like one of those old black men who you see with a brim and a cane at the skating rink trying to pick up women half their age.

I wanted to look at him and say, “Young brother, I have heard better from Saran Wrap. He then speed off fast from the stop sign like we were in the movie, “Fast and Furious 79”.

These young whipper-snappers need to realize that hip hop was much better back in the day and the list of the greatest 30 males and 20 females in hip hop will show just that.

Early this year I had to take MTV to task with their list of the greatest rappers out today.

Now it is time to address the best rappers of all time.

First as an added bonus I would like to list my best Female Rappers of all time. Many of my Facebook friends helped me out adding to the list I originally came up with. Thank you for your input.

Here are my top 20 female rappers of all time.

20) Nonchalant
19) Ms Melody
18) Left Eye
17) Roxanne Shante
16) Monie Love
15) Foxy Brown
14) Sista Souljah
13) Rage
12) Yo-Yo
11) Salt
10 Peppa
09) Lady Bug
08) Queen Latifah
07) Eve
06) Bahamedia
05) Rah Digga
04) Missy
03) Lil Kim
02) Lauryn Hill
01) MC Lyte

In order from last to first here is the DJ FINK list of the 30 best Male Hip Hop MC’s of all time to me.

30) AZ
29) T3 from Slum Village
28) Redman
27) Phonte from Little Brother
26) Ghost Face Killah
25) Posdnous from DeLaSoul
24) Kool Mo Dee
23) Dave from DeLaSoul
22) Andre 3000
21) Method Man
20) Snoop
19) Raekwon
18) DMX
17) Q-Tip
16) Black Thought
15) LL Cool J
14) Kanye
13) Talib Kweli
12) Common
11) Mos Def now known as Yasiin Bey
10) Ice Cube
09) Big Daddy Kane
08) Eminem
07) Jay-Z
06) Notorious BIG
05) Nas
04) 2Pac
03) KRS-One
02) Chuck-D
01) Rakim

Whew. That took a lot out of me. If you have rappers you want to add to the list please respond to the comments section of the blog and add your names.

In the meantime all is not gloom and doom for today’s rappers. Here is a nice digital mixtape for you to listen from the soundcloud of an old DJ FINK mix. Enjoy and thanks for the love.

You will enjoy the mix.

Just my thoughts man...



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