I guess racism really does start at the dinner table. Paula Dean you had us at hello!


I really wanted to do a music column this week because there was a lot in music to talk about. Yezus dropped. (We will address next week) North West really dropped congrats to Kanye and Kim. FYI, I would have named her Wild, Wild, West or How the West… Jay-Z went all Samsung on a brother. J-Cole came out with one of the best CD’s in a long time. Stevie J married ole girl. My dude Harry Connick Jr. taught the men what we need to do to get, keep and maintain a woman. Tony Soprano died. (DAMN, DAMN, DAMN)

Last, but not least, while I was eating a piece of fried chicken, washing it down with some Kool-Aid, and before I was going to place my fork in a whole heap of greens, PAULA DEAN went all 1980’s racist-as she called it.

1980’s… damn civil rights!

I didn’t know that we were slaves then but that is the time frame that Paula Dean references as the good old days when I would have been still in the south with a white suite, white gloves, and no shoes thanking her for my weekly beating.

I think the extra butter in the grits have gone to her crazy ass head.

The sad part is that there are still some, “Coloreds”, (gotta keep Sergio Garcia in the news) defending Paula Dean stating that she is not a racist.

Within the same time frame that the hungry Black folk are defending Paula Dean a video surfaces that has her on stage touting her black friend, who she says is blacker than the chalkboard, is like her second son. She then tells him to come on stage because we can’t see you as he leans on a black chalkboard.

I wish a Paula would call my fat behind out like that…

This, my friends, isn’t even the worst part of the video. Nope. The worst part of the video is that she states her great grandfather took his own life because the south changed and he was going to loose the 30 workers he had on the books. Let’s see 30 Black workers on the books almost 200 years ago…

I think those were called, SLAVES!

To borrow a line from Trinidad James, Don’t believe me just watch. http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/22/paula-deen-interview-black-friends-racism-slavery-food-network/

I don’t think defending slavery on any level works Paula. FYI, leave it to me to call my black friends dark as a chalkboard.

And that friend will remain nameless!

There is a saying that racism starts at the dinner table. Not in school, not on TV, not on the playground. It’s what your parents or grandparents teach you about other races that stick and create your belief system.

I have plenty of friends from all races and they appreciate all. They have also told me that their parents or grandparents came from different countries or were raised during times when other races didn’t get a fair shake. Yet and still they overcame those handed down beliefs to better our generations. I have friends married to different races and as the generational shift changes to minorities outnumbering the majority in the United States I believe we will see more and more acceptance of all nationalities.

So Paula you may make the greatest Macaroni and Cheese, the greatest tuna casserole, and the best-ess peach cobbler. But you, Paula Dean ma’am, are no Sweetie Pie!

Just my thoughts man…

P.S. my belly approved this blog. ☺



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  • And you can look yourself in the mirror after a meal one fine night, either now or in your distant past, and never, ever even THOUGHT a nasty thought about a white or asian or mexican person, in a moment of anger and frustration? If you say that you never, ever have, man, you need to make good with the Big Colorless Guy/Woman/Trannie upstairs, because you cannot even admit your human faults.

    I been called "honkey" and "cracker" and "shitbag" by blacks, and "sand nigger" by both blacks and whites. I've gotten wonderful finger gestures from all races as well.

    Are they racists? Who cares? They own those words, not me.

    Maybe instead of getting IBS over Paula, one should note the glaring comments of the O So Rev Jesse Jackson and his famous "hymietown" remark. Let's be honest, it added to his cred in the black community, because as old Louis of the Nation says, those Jews are the devils.

  • Hey DJ, my brotha,

    Guess who said of another black man before the 2008 election "A few years ago, he'd be serving us coffee."

    Last name starts with "Clinton." Where was your righteous indignation then, my brotha?

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