Top 10 summer songs to rock the barbecue.


The 80 degrees yesterday and today remind me of the fun you can have in the summertime here in the Midwest. Places like the beach, Taste of Chicago, Six Flags, Summer-fest in Milwaukee, Ravinia in Highland Park, Cedar Point in Ohio, or just hanging out with friends and family provide the memorable summer.

What also makes the summers enjoyable are the relatives or friends who claim to know everything about barbequing. Soak the meat, only use a gas grill, Kingsford charcoal gives it taste, or best yet, “YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO START NO FIRE”. Usually the designated Uncle, or best friend, who has been dubbed as the Barbecue genius, makes statements like that. They usually know what they are doing. Sometimes the overzealous cook can turn your barbecue into ruined food, home damage, or if you are Hanna Storm a loss of hair and eyelashes.

Damn Hanna! Over some cornbread…

To me, the best parts of the summer, other than eating out ☺, is the music. Some artists make careers releasing the jams of the summer, which then turns out to be the song that they are remembered for.

I wanted to take the time to bring in the summer by announcing the top 10 best Hip Hop and R&B Barbecue songs of all time. (TO ME)

Here we go.

10 No Diggity-Blackstreet
9 Cutie Pie-Al Hudson and One Way
8 The Light-Common
7 Zapp-More Bounce To The Ounce
6 Hey Mr. DJ-Zhane
5 Big Pimpin-Jay-Z
4 R-Kelly-Home Alone
3 Rappers Delight-Sugar Hill Gang or Good Times-Chic
2 Before I Let Go-Frankie Beverly and Maze
1 Summertime-Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff

You can add to this list but I think you have to agree some of these songs get the barbeque jumpin.

Whatever you think I believe we all have to agree that “Summertime”, by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince is THE best Summertime song of all time.

A little unknown fact about that song is that it was ghost written by the great Rakim.

Fire up the grills everyone and, “Let’s Get Back To Real Music”
Just my thoughts man…

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