Give “PEEPLES” a chance. A family friendly movie packed with stars.

This Mother’s day I was looking for a film that my wife and I could enjoy since we had a baby sitter (Thanks Mother In Law).

Now we all know the films that men want to see are either shoot-em up, kill them all, curse them out, or sex them well. (Damn, what’s wrong with us men?)

Women you aren’t any better. The films you girls want to see are either marry the millionaire, get even with the better looking woman, or finding the man who can satisfy you for 24 full hours of sex, talking, listening, and understanding. (Damn, what’s wrong with us men?)

Without a film in the theaters that contained all of the aforementioned scenarios we decided to go and see a movie entitled, “PEEPLES”. The film had two lead actors that we both enjoyed, Kerry Washington who is the hottest thing on television with her show Scandal and Craig Robinson from the Office.

After the first minute of the film I wish I’d brought the entire family to the movie. There was just something warm and fuzzy about seeing the interaction of Craig Robinson and children. (FYI funny song for kids having bedwetting problems.)

The movie, which is family friendly, is about Craig Robinson wanting to ask Kerry Washington for her hand in marriage. Craig couldn’t find the time in his every day life to pop the question so he joins Kerry Washington with her family in Sag Harbor for the Moby Dick festival weekend.

There are some serious punch lines and one-liners. David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson go at each other like George Jefferson and Archie Bunker. Some of the off screen voice over lines are hilarious so make sure you catch them all. Wait till you hear what Craig Robinson calls one of Kerry Washington’s old boyfriends. When I say old, I mean old. (Funny Stuff)

Not to sound like Steven A Smith, but I have actually met Kerry Washington back in the day at various independent film competitions. I remember DJ’ing at one of her first movies entitled, “Lift”, where she played a shoplifting teenager. The movie was really good and you saw a glimpse of what was to come from the talented actress. Fast forward to present day if you saw Django Unchained this year you got to see Kerry Washington in one of her greatest film roles to date. Yes I wrote a review of that movie and her role. You can read that review:

Not to sound like Steven A Smith again, but I have also met Craig Robinson. He is a funny guy who you can tell deep down appreciates his celebrity and does his best to give 110 percent back to his audience and fans.

Craig has remained one of my favorite comedians since seeing him on Def Comedy Jam. He is great actor who has had memorable movie scenes including my favorite in the movie, “Knocked Up”, where he plays the bouncer of a nightclub. “ Your just a doorman, doorman, doorman” His response to being called a doorman? “You old, she pregnant, I can’t just let a bunch of old and pregnant bitches into the club, that is just bad parenting.”
Craig had a great run on the “Office”, and I am sure that we will see him in more movies and or other television shows.

That black man is just funny son!

Bringing Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson together for the movie “PEEPLES” was genius. They have great chemistry and allow for Craig Robinson to be Craig Robinson while giving Kerry Washington the ability to show off her comedic timing. Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington are joined by an all-star cast including, David Alan Grier, Melvin Van Peebles, Dihann Carroll S. Epatha Merkerson, Kali Hawk and Tyler James Williams.

The only upsetting thing about this movie is the box office results. As I look at the results from the box office this weekend I am upset that this movie did not have a better outcome.

“PEEPLES” was produced by Tyler Perry and Hollywood thought that, along with minimal marketing and promotion, was enough to sell this movie.

It was not!

There must be proper promotion to ensure a great box office.

IRON MAN 3 has made about half a billion dollars yet they still have commercials on every channel as well as Robert Downey Jr. showing up to every major sporting, talk show, and swap meet to keep the box office numbers fresh.

Gatsby did over 50 million dollars. Yet the studios still attached Jay-Z to the soundtrack even though rap was not invented during the period the movie covers. The marketers new that they would have to attract all demographics so getting (Hov) augmented what was going to be a big box office anyway.

Lionsgate the opportunity for you to remain the leader in Urban Programming still exists. You just have to exhaust all avenues to ensure the weekend lead with the influencers. If you need help let a brother know.

There are not many movies out today where one can take their entire family from 8-80 and enjoy.

“PEEPLES” is a movie that you can do that.

Here is the trailer if you haven't seen it yet.

So this week find the time, gather your family and go get with your “PEEPLES”.

I am DJ FINK… and I approved this review.

Just my thoughts man!

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