You have to drive from New York to LA and the only CD you can have is a Jay-Z CD. Which Jay-Z CD is it?


A car manufacturer wants you to test out their new car. They want you to drive it from New York to Los Angeles. There is only one catch. They want you to drive the car with only one CD. No radio is installed. No USB Port for I-phones, I-pads or any other mp3 players. Finally the CD you have to listen to must be from Jay-Z’s library.

How do you pick which Jay-Z CD?

I have actually been in this situation twice. First off a car manufacturer didn’t give me the car for free. Secondly I had to drive from Chicago to Atlanta the first time then drive from Chicago to New York the second time and on both occasions I forgot the CD carrying case and was left with one CD.

The drive to Atlanta wasn’t a Jay-Z CD either. On the first drive I had Brandy’s debut self-titled CD, “Brandy”. Don’t be hatin’. That drive to Atlanta was enjoyable as I rocked one of the greatest debut CD’s ever. I was rocking with Brandy’s hit billboard songs like, “Baby”, ”Best Friend”, “I Wanna Be Down”, as well as the album jams like, “Movin’ On”, Brokenhearted and “Sunny Day”.

For an R&B CD, let alone a debut CD, that CD was on point. I was driving down to Atlanta to kick it for Freak-Nik. I was such a nerd. While people were driving around in
tinted-windowed earth shattering sound system equipped automobiles pumping OutKast, I was driving around in an Enterprise Rent-A-Car green Bonneville bumping Brandy looking like the human beat box from the fat-boyz.

I still macked me some women though! Rap #13 always works. It’s not how you look, its how you feel about yourself people.

My second experience was a little better. I rented a GMC Truck from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and my best friend and I along with my TV show producer drove to New York. Once again we were rushing to get from work and on the road so all of us forgot our music. The only CD we had was the newly released, “Notorious B.I.G’s Life After Death”.

And you know this man…

I still think that CD is Biggie’s best CD. As we started the journey we didn’t know any of the songs. When we were exiting New Jersey and arriving in New York we had our heads out of the window singing, “It’s Bone and Biggie Biggie, It’s Bone and Biggie Biggie”.

We thought we were so hip when we arrived into New York that when I pulled up to the George Washington Bridge I tried to drive the truck with one hand while listening to Biggie. We almost fell off that damn bridge man!

I was trying to be so East coast too.

Every store, club, or person I met ended by giving them the brother handshake and wrapping up every conversation with, “Naaaah Mean”… One!

Oops. I forgot. Which Jay-Z CD?

I lost my way telling you about my journey with the other CD’s.

I’m back and of course,

I’m focused man.

Tell Stout to come holla at me man.

If you had one Jay-Z CD for the entire drive from New York to Los Angeles, which one would it be?

Vol.3 –The Life and Times of S. Carter?

Reasonable Doubt?

The Blueprint 3?

The Black Album?

The Dynasty: Roc La Familia?

Kingdom Come?

For me, and again I repeat, for me, I would have to choose the BLUEPRINT.

Jay-Z’s Blueprint CD seperated the youth hip hop movement and the adult hip hop movement. The 30 something Hip Hopers needed to find music that addressed what they were going through in life while the 29 and below hip hopers still had the opportunity to give you the gold teeth gas face while holding their Johnsons.

The Blueprint tracks were older sounding, the rhymes were smoother and the lyrical content came from a more mature place.

Sure Jay-Z has made singles that address the Maturation of Ja Ze Zee such as 30 something, So Ambitious, Dirt Off Your Shoulder, and of course Lost One. But, as a child who became a young adult, who has become a father, the Blueprint provided, hmm, I guess a blueprint to my life.

Songs like Song Cry, All I Need, Blueprint (Momma Loves Me), Heart of the City, who am I foolin every F’n song on this CD is the bees knees. ☺

This also was the CD that started bringing me into the mindset of Jay-Z being one of the greatest rappers ever.

I used to be hesitant to list the greatest rapper of the day because I thought that you would miss a song or two in an artists catalogue that would be pointed out quickly as the song that made them the greatest rapper.

Jay-Z is a different rapper. He has celebrities such as Bill Maher and others who quote him daily in regular conversation. His freestyles are not only legendary, but thought provoking and seemingly done without research or studying the topic.

Jay-Z’s street knowledge has led to an education of a rapper whose business acumen has become second to none.

I remember the first time I heard Jay-Z on Hot 97 free styling with Funk Master Flex. That was by far the nastiest, most intelligent free style I have ever heard in my life.

If you don’t believe me just watch.

Just take a look at some of these lyrics.

Everybody screaming they want the old Hov But the new improved Hov hit like Albert Pujols
Everybody wanna hear me talk that money like Phil Rizzuto But my mind is on Pluto.
Bills that I do fold, I now invest on Trying to find some loopholes in the IRS As where I used to have a few hoes I am just Concentrating on making a new Hov through sex
I’ve awakened just in time to school those putos trying to follow in my shoes with jewels froze Better adhere to this text ‘fore you go Broke, spending more than you’ve accrued on silly baguettes
I know silly begets silly you’ll learn on your own At least my conscience is clear, I’m no longer steering you wrong Ain’t nothing wrong with baguettes after you get a home Take care of your home, you can go back and **Ugh!**

And that was a freestyle people.

I know many of you have your favorite Jay’Z CD. I am not judging which of his CD’s are the best.

All I am saying is that I believe If I had to drive from New York to Los Angeles with only one Jay-Z CD, The BluePrint would be the CD of choice for me.

Just my thoughts man!

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