I took time off for Maternity leave and the Bears got rid of Urlacher!


I’m back. We had a beautiful baby girl. My new daughter has given me a new focus on life, I am re-dedicated toward my goals and nobody’s going to taka my stride, nobody’s gonna hold me down, oh no I’ve got to keep on movin’.

Life is good! Nas was on to something. No matter what you think you are going through there is someone else going through worse. America has homelessness, poverty, inequality, and other things that are messed up. But; this is the greatest country in the world.

This is a country that allows a no one like me to continue and voice my opinion for one of the greatest online magazine blogs ever. There you go Greenfield! That should earn me the blog of the month. ☺

Hospitals are not as bad as you think anymore!

We got to the hospital early and I was tired, mad, and had an Ice Cube growl on my face until I heard the baby crying. Then I started crying when they brought the baby over to me. I was crying so much people must have thought I was hungry.

I stopped crying though when my delivery doctor called me Cee-Lo Green.


I can’t even be in the delivery room without somebody playing the dozens and talking
smack about me.

It was funny though. I wish I did have a white cat and a pinky ring.

Why did Cee-Lo leave the voice anyway? He has the best voice on the voice.

I now have another baby girl to go along with two other girls a boy and a wife that has gone under the knife for me. That is a wife boy. Honey I will not start a fight for 6 months. I promise. You can print this out and use this blog article to stop any argument we have upcoming.

Unless you tell me that the Bears should have gotten rid of Brian Urlacher.

The Chicago Bears couldn’t have found 3 million dollars to give a man who has broken his back, tore up his knees, jammed up his fingers, and probably lost his ability to grow hair, just to help the Chicago Bears get fans into the seats.

Now Urlacher is no Ray Lewis but he is at least better than any other of the linebackers that have played over the last 13 years.

Forget the money it is the principle. It is for the future child linebacker. It is also for the current veteran Chicago Bear players.

This sends the wrong message.

To all of you athletes out there get every penny you can. The teams do not care about you. Waste Management will give you a severance package. The Mob will keep you on. The Government will give you unemployment. My 4 year-old daughter will give you her Gogurt.

But the Bears can’t find 3 million dollars to keep the fans happy and more importantly do the right thing for Brian Urlacher and his 13 years of service.

I agreed it was time for Lovie Smith to go. I agreed it was time for Mike Ditka to go.

Brian Urlacher should still be a Chicago Bear.

While you are at it go out and get Michael Turner, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson.

Obviously we aren’t putting our marbles on the defense anymore so we should have to score as much as we can.

Just my thoughts man!

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