Bilal's, "A Love Surreal". Grown up music made to party and procreate!


Everyone knows I love Neo-Soul, New Soul, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, House Music, Rock all that.

I love music, any kind of music.

I have my favorites. Jamiroquai, Dwele, Common, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Mos Def, Harry Connick Jr, Robert Randolph, The Roots and Hall and Oates. Well you can add another to that never-ending list.


The first time I ever heard Bilal I was djing for Martell and Stephanie Rance hired Steve Miggidy Maestro and me to DJ the opening of a nightclub in Chicago called, “Paje”. It was going to be a whose-who of local celebrities in attendance from the Chicagoland area. You know they were all there, Mary Datcher, George Daniels, Happy, Cliff Levingston, the light-skinned, bald headed guy that was always around Michael Jordan, Phil and Nate, Damon from City-Alert, I mean errbody was there.

Not only was this the opening of the new Paje nightclub it was the year that Bilal’s new CD, “1st Born Second” was in rotation. If that weren’t enough, Bilal himself was there to make an appearance and perform.

The night was cold, there was snow on the ground, and the crowd was dressed to the teeth. Steve Miggidy Maestro and I put it down on the turntables. I thought that would be the talk of the event.


Bilal came out and sang, Fast Lane, Sometimes, and of course, “Soul Sista”. It was at that moment I knew this young man was a star.

Everything musical that Bilal has ever been associated with at some point in my life has been on one of my top 10 music lists. He does hooks for artists that take the song from point B to point A. Take a look at a quick features list with Bilal off the top of my head.

Play Your Cards Right and The 6th Sense Common
Second Chances Little Brother
Don’t Stop Musiq
Talkin to You Little Darlin Talib Kweli
Jump Up in the Air and Stay There Badu

Bilal is one of those artists who have earned the respect of purchasing their music on release day no matter what. You know that the quality, sound, lyrics and overall groove will fit your desired needs.

And still after all that I am thoroughly impressed with Bilal’s new release, “A Love Surreal”. Out of the box Bilal hits you with WestSide Girl. That song encompasses what Bilal’s music acumen is made up of. Mid-Tempo, (New) Neo Soul featuring grown up vocals with a futuristic soul swag.

If there were an artist whom I could place in the mold of Sir Rogers Nelson (PRINCE), Bilal would be that individual.

This is one of those releases that you can put on and relax, prepare for a party, or prepare get ready for some you know what.

You can leave this CD on while you clean up your house or clean up your life.

I can’t explain how good this CD is for the person who craves good music that can be enjoyed with a glass of wine in the home or a shot in the club.

Bottom line get yo ass over to I-Tunes or wherever you do the digital download thing and get the new Bilal CD entitled, “A LOVE SURREAL”.

Watch the Bilal’s video now at

Kudos to Purpose Records and all the staff! Adding Bilal to your label was a genius move. If you have never heard of the label it is an independent label out of Brooklyn that features some of today’s unsung heroes like Angela Johnson, Anthony David, Bilal, DJ Spinna, Elliot Yamin, Eric Roberson, Kindred, Monet, and Shae Fiol.

I don’t get paid for my music reviews. This is from the heart.

This is why I started this music column. Let’s Get Back To Real Music!

That’s just my thoughts man…

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