My take on the Justin Timberlake, “Suit and Tie” Grammy show!


The Grammy’s were good. LL COOL J was hard as hell. I love the fact that he had Chuck D from Public Enemy in his performance. Great seeing an artist giving love to a fellow artist and one of the major moments of a grown up Grammy’s. I am thinking to myself LL COOL J must have had a major impact on the decision making of this show. It was a professional music show. Other than the DREAM walking up on stage looking like an outtake from the movie CB4, and Adele dressed like a Steak and Shake strawberries and cream shake, the Grammy’s made me proud.

For the first time in music there was no Lil Wayne mentions, no Drake performances, no 2 Chainz, no Punk Rockers eating bats on stage, and no Brittany Spears kissing another woman just to make headlines. My kids got to sit and watch a music show with me.

Is Ryan Seacrest on everything music in America. Damn!

I thought Miguel did himself very well. He can sing and I love that Adorn song. Kelly Clarkson you should Google Miguel to see that he is an established R&B artists. Wiz Khalifa held his own with his 16 bars in the Miguel song. They even had matching suit jackets.

I don’t care what you think about Justin Timberlake that boy can flat out sang. He brought back memories of real R&B singers meshing with a live band on stage. Makes me want some 901 Tequila… Can’t wait for the CD Timberlake. P.S. You owe me a performance.

The Bob Marley tribute was off the chain. Bruno Mars is a superstar. My son hipped me up to him early on. I thought he was a quick one hit guy. After hearing his full CD as well as seeing him host Saturday Night Live he is here for the long hall. Bruno Mars is going to make a ton of money because he can be the Prince type hanging on both sides of the genre lines.(Meaning when he wants to he can do a Rock CD and when he wants to he can kill an R&B CD) Then when Sting, Rihanna, and the Marley’s came on stage to join them they put it down. That whole performance got a full standing ovation and it should have.

The rest of the show had good performances. People are saying that Frank Ocean didn’t choose the right song but you have to remember he is performing for people who have not heard his music not for the millions that already purchased it. This is the Grammy’s. This is the music Super-bowl, the chance to reach all genres of music. Since he is dubbed an R&B artist why not reach out to the non R&B consumers who may love the song and then leads to a purchase. Sorry about your finger cuz..(SEE CHRIS BROWN)

I love Jay-Z and Kanye West but I am happy that they received their Grammy for Nigga’s in Paris off stage before the show. I would not want to hear LL COOL J say the winner for best rap single is Nigga’s in Paris. Know one would have come on stage and LL would have accepted the Grammy because he would have said Jay-Z and Kanye are traveling over seas and could not receive this award at this time.(The joke will come to you if you read this paragraph again.)

That being said there were too many Grammy’s given away before the show. It’s bad enough that people don’t know who Robert Glasper is. Why can’t this brother win R&B CD of the year on camera? That CD is the ish. Go out and get that right now. Enough said.

There are only minor things that made me mad about the show. Of course that was the winners of the awards.

Here are the songs or people I believe should have won an award last night.

I thought that the Nas collaboration with Amy Winehouse should have won some type of award! That song is unbelievable and the fact that Amy died should have meant something.

I didn’t even know that Sanford and Son was still in production let alone made a CD.

I have nothing against the Black Keys!

Can I sue Goatee? Everyone told me that my Goatee was the best. I haven’t received a Grammy for it.

We all know that Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, “Call Me Maybe”, should have won song of the year. Every African American knows that there usually one or two pop songs that we sing in our closets every year. That is one of them. The other one is, “We Are Young” by the band FUN. That wasn’t song of the year either… C’mon son.

Finally after waiting through the Grammy’s to see Chuck D, LL COOL J et al perform they cut the performance in the middle and started rolling credits. After that happened I wanted Chuck to grab the mic, bring out the rest of the group with the S1W’s and go into 911 is a joke.

Just kidding is was a good Grammy’s. BET you should check out the professionalism LL COOL J brought to the table.

You all could have had him hosting award shows waaayyy back in the day.

Just my thoughts man!

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