Black History Month is over. How did you celebrate your heritage? Well here is what I did and it didn’t involve a Manifesto…


Once again the shortest month of the year is over and I gave tribute to the month by making sure that everyone of my posts had a Black History Theme.

For many of you who thought the theme would be eating more wine candy, adding extra hot sauce on potato chips, writing Jewel Food Stores to have them bring the generic soda pop price back down to 5 cents, getting one polish and one pork chop sandwich with cheese and extra grilled onions on Maxwell Street, or trying to find where to put the aluminum foil on the HDTV, it was not. Nor was the theme sitting outside the Onion offices awaiting the cat that disrespected the youngest Oscar nominee with a word that only should be used for people like him.

Nope I didn’t celebrate Black History Month doing anything out of the ordinary. You see times are tough and with another addition on the way I have to utilize all of the change in the Crisco Oil Can, the Ash Tray in the Car and the couple of dollars in Wife’s bra. (Why does she think I don’t know about that?) I watched all of the episodes of Good Times. I know where Willona kept them five-dollar bills Yo!

This Black History Month I decided to catch up on my favorite Black Sploitation and Black Movies in general for Black History Month. So this month almost every night before I went to sleep I caught up on my favorite Black Movies. These are my favorites but if you would like to do something cheesy, no matter what your race, creed, or color, grab some Funions, some grape pop, some now or laters and download these movies from your favorite digital distribution medium.

Before I get into the best movies I have to talk about the honorable mentions- Even though these movies were not released in the 1960’s-1970’s they were made in the Black Sploitation vain and were damn good movies:

Django Unchained
I’m Gonna Get You Sucka
Black Dynamite

You all know how I felt about Django Unchained. I wrote a great piece on that movie. If you did not get the opportunity to read it here it is.

I’m Gonna Get You Sucka might be the funniest and best movie Kennen Ivory Wayans has ever done. He got the Black Sploitation feel down and even found a way to put one of my favorite rappers KRS-ONE in the movie.

Finally Black Dynamite was a totally underrated movie. It was super funny. It was distributed in movie theaters but did not receive the critical acclaim it should have. That movie changed my mind about the creativity and brilliance of Michael Jai White.

Now the moment you have been waiting for. Here are the DJ FINK top 13 Black Sploitation Movies in my order

13) Across 110th Street
12) Foxy Brown
11) Penitentiary
10) Dolemite
9) Sweet Sweetbacks Baadasssss Song
8) Shaft
7) Superfly
6) Black Caesar
5) A Piece of the Action
4) Uptown Saturday Night
3) Which Way Is Up?
2) Spook Who Sat By The Door
1) Cooley High

You don’t have to wait until next Black History Month to watch these great movies. We are getting more snow people. There will be a snow day soon.

Get your Black Sploitation on.

Just my thoughts man…

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