Beyonce is not responsible for the blizzard, the economy or the Blackout!


Would everyone in the media stop blaming Beyonce for everything please!!!

She told you No, No, No, No, No. The media keeps saying Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Over the last couple of weeks we have had Lip-Sync gate and Zero Dark Superbowl. People in the media have tried to portray Beyonce as the villain. First let’s deal with the Superdome or whatever that place is called now. When the lights went out first thing I thought was that Com-Ed had some new fangled way to turn off my lights in the house for not paying the bills. I was like, “ Man technology is a mother…Com-Ed can turn off half of the lights while I’m watching my shows now….”They Trippin”. Then I came to my senses and realized that A) Com-Ed is not that technologically advanced, and B) it’s the winter and you know that we got still got till about April before we have to rush and pay that bill that we don’t pay during the months of December, January and February. ☺

Back to Beyonce. In my early years I didn’t like Beyonce. I thought that radio overplayed her waaaaaaaaayyyyyy tooooooo much. I knew that the industry was set up for her with her dad and all, a major player over at Columbia Records. Then add her hooking up with Jay-Z and I never thought I would not stop hearing her on the radio every 2 minutes.

(I would rather hear Beyonce on the radio every two minutes instead of Lil Wayne, Drake, Future and Two Chains.) I’m Different…How?

Why is the media picking on Beyonce so much?

First, radio made the change from playing respectable music to playing any type of music. Secondly, which I think is key here, the media couldn’t find anything to demonize Beyonce with. They originally tried to look up any and everything negative on Jay-Z. That failed when Jay-Z took on the Master Business-Man mogul closing deals on everything from part ownership of Roc-Nation to part ownership of the Brooklyn Nets. Hell, Jay-Z has Warren Buffet throwing up the Roc sign.

Then they tried to link Jay-Z romantically to other Hollywood women and guess what happened, Beyonce and Jay-Z got married, then had a child. Now Hip Hop’s most successful couple is as strong as ever, so the media can’t take anything personal to TMZify.

Now in a rush to help and sell struggling newspapers and trashy blogs the media has to find a news story that will generate hits, Facebook likes, Twitter followers and other social media spikes, so they have to find a celebrity big enough to trash. Since they know that Jay-Z will freestyle a rap about anyone who talks ish about him that same day then have the track on soundcloud, they had to choose his wife.

Think about what they have tried to do to Beyonce. First she wasn’t pregnant. Then they said someone had the baby for her. After that died down, her joy of singing the National Anthem for President Obama was taken away by her lip-syncing the actual performance. People still forget that she pre-recorded the actual audio that she lip-synced. So… What is the problem? Are we that hungry for Beyonce or Jay-Z to mess up? Guess what our first couple of Hip Hop is polished people.

They are major Philanthropists and contribute to causes that affect the African American community like no other celebrity couple. Furthermore, Beyonce is a strong Black Woman period. Leave her alone before her and Jay-Z get all Bonnie and Clyde on you wack media types.

Beyonce was Dangerously in Love as a Single Lady who told Jay-Z to put a ring on it. He did and now their Love is On Top and is Irreplaceable. She will continue to Run the World with her Baby Boy unless the press continues their Resentment to which she will Ring the Alarm.

Just my thoughts man…

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