Tragedy in Connecticut... Why Mental Illness needs to also become a priority with the Obama Administration

Nothing should make anyone kill kids. Why Mental Illness needs to also become a priority with the Obama Administration.

The tragedy in Connecticut was so bad it affected me in ways I could not verbally explain.

I was angry.

I argued with my wife.

I argued with my terminally ill mother.

I argued with anyone I could get to listen.


I am mad that once again we hear that the constitution protects the right to bear arms.

It does?

When the constitution was written the guns that it was giving Americans the right to bear were French and British Muskets, Baker Rifles, pistols, Brown Bess Flintlocks and Bayonets. Do you know how long it took to load a Musket or Flintlock? They didn’t have rapid fire. There were not 50 rounds in a clip in 1787.


Meaning that if any of the Columbine and other mass murderers stepped into these schools with a Musket or Flintlock they would have been jumped on and the death tolls would have been one or none.

Of course you hear guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Right. But someone has to buy the gun. It takes a human to do that.

We need to ban the War Guns Period.


This tragedy is more than about guns and gun control laws. It is about mental illness.

Mental illness is not something to play with. I am not an expert on the matter but as we speak my mothers cancer has now affected her mental state of mind.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer in October 2011. She had surgery to remove the cancer in November of 2011. After the surgery she had Chemotherapy and Radiation to try and help kill the remaining cancerous cells.

When you hear about people who fight cancer you rarely hear about Post Chemo Cognitive Impairment (PCCI) known as Chemotherapy-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction also called Chemo Brain or Chemo Fog. This usually can affect 10-40% of breast cancer patients with higher rates among pre-menopausal woman and patients who receive high dose Chemotherapy. **

Many communities deal with Mental illness the way that Men deal with physical illnesses. If it is not life threatening there is no need to seek medical attention.

In the African American community we tend to just brush off mental illness as a brief moment of dizziness and expect the person to just snap out of it. We make fun of people, crack jokes about their non-clarity, and blame the psychosis on a lack of sleep, problems with diet and the other usual suspects. We even poke fun and tease the individual who is suffering the mental illness. At the end of the day we expect the person we knew before they began to suffer the hallucinations and delusions to return to a sense of normalcy.

I am guilty of just that. For a full year after her surgery my family and I tried to just look at the cancer part of my mothers failing health and brush aside what the cancer had done to her mental capabilities.

It was the day after the tragedy in Connecticut that my mother and I got into a huge argument. It was not her arguing from her right mind. It was her cancerous mental state that was making her threaten my life and threaten to take her own. It was at that point that I decided that my family and I could not handle her and she needed help. Not just help dealing with the cancer but mental help.

She is now in the care of great doctors and psychiatrists. She is getting help. I wish I could say the same for the man who killed those innocent children in Connecticut…

If you suspect that a friend or someone in your family is suffering from mental illness please get help. It is not something that heals itself.

Mental Health Crisis Intervention........................1-800-248-7475

** Tannock IF, Ahles TA, Ganz PA, Van Dam FS (2004). "Cognitive impairment associated with chemotherapy for cancer: report of a workshop". J. Clin. Oncol. 22 (11): 2233–9. doi:10.1200/JCO.2004.08.094. PMID 15169812


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  • Back in those old Constitutional Days the weapons you described were the weapons of mass destruction. That and bombs, which were invented many centuries prior.

    Here is the mental illness problem in a nutshell: boys are degraded from the earliest ages now, being told for the last twenty five years that they are the "dumber" sex, predators, hate women, and will almost certainly under-achieve. Those who do not have corrective examples at home or elsewhere, who are sensitive and believe in the own self-worthlessness, will then slip over the edge, sometimes into violence.

    Just what do you expect a dude in DC to do about it? Not a damed thing he can do about it, except may give equal pandering time to boys and young men and telling the to "stand and deliver", but he would never do that, because he is not man enough to admit that the last quarter century of feminizing or ignoring boys and young men have gotten us to this point. He does not want Michelle screaming in his ear about how that's not the case.

    Gotta do it on your own. Women deserve their respect and have earned their rights, but it should not be at the expense of boys and young men, which it most certainly has. Stop the zero sum game and let's call boys and young men equal to girls and young women. It's only "fair" and that is what Obama is supposedly about.

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